28 ke Gyaan

1. Ideal: A Myth, A word only exists in fantasy.
2. Food: Sure, good food.
3. Water: Tastes best under room temperature. Feels great when hot during winters and cold during summer for bathing.
4. Animals: Cute.
5. Dogs: Even cuter
6. Gultu: Cutest
7. Him: A good man gone wrong. Partly due to his circumstances, partly due to his own actions and majorly due to his family.
8. His Family: Full of Alcoholics, and bird brained women and men.
9. I: Loved him-May be
10. Dreams: Can’t be controlled
11. Day Dreams: great Stress Buster
12. India: Sounds Good
13 Bharat: My Country, my home.
14. Home: Warmth.
15. Family: Love
16. Bed: Soft and Cosy
17. Friends: Support
18. Marriage: Commitment
19. Love: Respect
20. Respect: Maturity
21. Mind: Clear thought
22. Heart: Restless
23. Maa: Plump loving women
24. Baba: Good ol’man with strong shoulders
24. Husband; Pain in the A
25. Lover: Passion
26. Soul Mate: Dream come true
27. Job: Money
28. Life: Unpredictable


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