Jinhe Naaz Hai Hind Pe Wo Kaha Hai

From the day it was decided by the Government that every citizen of India would have the right to buy and exhibit the National Flag, there was a sense of Joy among people. But I was not happy about it becuase I knew the day it would happen people would start disrespecting it.
26th January, the next day of it, I was going to the bus stop and had to pass an NDMC dustbin, where I saw loads of national flags lying in filth. I also did not stop to take out all the flags from the garbage. After all it was rush hour and I also did not want to dirty my hands.
Accha how many of us stand up to pay respect to our anthem when we hear it. I think no one or may be a hand ful. Why dont we do it because I think we feel embarrased. What will other people think, just imagine, you walking on the road and all of a sudden you stop hearing the national anthem and the crowd coming from behind unaware of the fact end up colliding with you, giving you strange looks and some of them may give you some nice hindi gaali too.
How many of us remember the names of our martyrs or the children who win bravery award each year. Hardly anyone, but we know how many records sachin has broken, or which film stars which actor..hai na..
Its a question of interest..which we lack..sense of belonging which is missing. A person may spit on the road thinking its his birth right as he is paying tax for it. But the same person if sent to US would behave in his most gentlemanly fashion…ever wondered why?

No one killed Jessica. She died on her own. And the gift her parents got, well her mother died of cancer 6 months after Manu Sharma got bail and after that her father had numerous strokes, lost his memory.

7 years wasted, one life finished…what a waste

Victim: Priyadarshini Mattu…stalked, raped, murdered….
Accused, happily married…

Victim: Satyendra Dubey..whistle blower..died..for telling the truth…

Victim: Indian Oil employee … murdered…for telling the truth…. And they say justice delayed is justice denied.

Pappu Yadav: Contested elections from Jail.

India, free, been free for the last 59 years, and her people? They are free too…why not Manu Sharma is free and his likes are too…

Do you have freedom? What is it for you? Have you ever given it a thought? Who has the time, any way, to think? As long as I have my life going ok, why should I bother anyway?

Ya right, why not after all of them who fought for freedom have died already. And no one even bothers about his or her descendants, who are left to fend for themselves.

We chose the government, they promised Petrol Pumps. Kargil gone, heroes became history. Petrol Pumps, well your son shed blood, you shed money to get Petrol Pumps. So what your only Son who was just 25 years old died so that I could have my peace of mind and FREEDOM.

We talk about culture, and copy the west. Talk about equality, fraternity,,,,where is it? I cant see..can you?


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