Love it

All of them ask why did it happen so suddenly? It did not happen suddenly, it was gradual. It was there, latent. Growing with each passing day, spreading its roots.

Burns due to steam is more serious than hot water because steam has latent heat. I had these feeling in a latent mode. But they were just waiting to come out and explode. It did not happen all of a sudden, you came to know of it now.

I love the smell of rain drops falling on parched earth. I love the sound of silence. I love depth in relationships. I love passion in love. I love life. I respect all living beings. I love to live and let the other live. I love observing people. I would have all the time in this world and I would listen to you patiently whenever you would want a patient listener. I love truth. I love flowers, chocolates, perfumes. I love aesthetics. I love art. I love the idea of making this world a better place and I would love to work towards it may be I have already started that by reforming myself. I love chit chatting over a cup of coffee. I love when my dog plays with me. I am a die hard romantic. I love it all.


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