I want to see that Auto

While on my way to office I saw an Auto near the Bhikaji flyover. It was just another Auto but it caught my attention. This Auto driver was awarded by the Transport Minister and the driver had proudly got that thing painted in white on the back of the Auto. Also, had mentioned, that this Auto would go by Meter, something which comes as a surprise in Delhi. And also the fact that the commuter will get chilled water, newspaper and phone service free of cost.

The driver had a great empathy too, and which was evidently displayed that 10% discount would be given to Senior citizens and children. It was a deluxe auto, decorated with plastic flowers, and was a video coach too.

Unfortunately I could not note down its number….

I would like to see that Auto again….

It was an inspiration for other Auto wallas also…my auto wallah was also staring at that Auto…


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