Thanks giving….

Thank you God for helping me decide, thanks for giving me one more chance to live.
Thank you all for making this a success. Thank you all for this breather, I needed it badly.
Thank you for that sms, it showed you have not forgotten.
Thank you for that kind gestures, those fights, those spirits, that flirting, that drive, that conversation, that sight….
Thank you all, for how I felt.
Thank you for being so caring…
I know you all like me…
Thank you God for making and sending such nice people on earth…

Thank you all…..The gang, my family, Gultu, Abhishek, Sundeep, Monica, Ramit, Amit, Vibhor, Yogesh…..


3 thoughts on “Thanks giving….

  1. men are like toilets, good one are always occupied and the ones which are free are dirty… lol
    Keep up the spirit, things do change and change for good
    Here are my wishes for you, S@#$%&A

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