Speak up the voice

While chatting on MSN today with a very dear friend, something came to my mind when all of a sudden the chat took a different direction and he gor offline (deliberate or not I do not know). We were talking about attitude.
Its good to be aloof but not unconcerned. People most of the time remian silent or will express their opinion in a dormant way. If they don’t like some thing they would rather crib and discuss over tea rather than getting up and changing it or atleast let the whole world know about it. Why are we afraid to express ourselves? Is it because we are scared, because we do not care anymore or some thing else? I think its evry important to be opinionated. And I am sure everyone has one, but they do not show it. WHY? Why can not we let that inner voice come out? If something is wrong why can not we raise our voice against it? It will effect us in some way or the other.
The topic that was being discussed was about a fellow person lying and creating all drama on an issue which that person deliberately hid, wasted many people’s time and enjoyed it.
Its about attitude…..which we can not change…we can not change how other people behave..or the kind of attitude they wear..but who asked you to start changing people….but atleast let people know you have a voice and you a have conscience and that you are not ready to be taken for a ride…

Speak Up…..it matters…speak up for good….


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