After coming back from Amit’s home in NOIDA, I and Sanju chatted till 2 a.m. We were just talking about many things, but nothing in particular. Then we started talking about relationships. I told her that the first thing people ask me is why did I go ahead with this marriage? Well I call it a boomerang effect. When a boomerang is thrown it goes till the point of curve only then can it come back. Same was the story with me. I had to go till the point of curve (I term it as Marriage) so that I could come back.
Moreover, if you come to know you have cancer, you would still go for regular checkups, right? Because you still have hope and as long as you have hope for survival you would not give up. I also was in a relationship, where I had hope, and I gave it a try. I have lost the battle, I have come back after losing all hope. But I am not dead. I am alive. I am getting up slowly, getting up to strike back. Wo kehte hai na, “Sau sonar ki, Ek Lohar ki”.

“Seema hoti hai har rishtey ki;
Seema hoti hai har baat ki;
hai chup abhi,
lekin hai hamare bas mei bhi bahut kuch”

I don’t term it as mistake, coz in life there are no mistakes, there are only lessons. And you learn from it and move on. Nothing is constant but change. So I will also come out of it, infact I have come out of it already.

Life is full of ups and downs. That is the beauty of life. You fall down, you get up and you get up taking the support of the same ground on which you fell. In short, your downs, only gives you more strength. Atleast I have learned from my downs. I have become a wiser, and a better person.
The most important person in my life is me, myself. And I am not guilty about it. You gotta do fair justice to yourself before you treat others justly.

People in relationships are often subjected to emotional blackmail. I don’t understand the reason, why? Emotional blackmail is nothing but a way of seeking pity, attention and making you feel guilty about the fact that you have something in life to feel happy about.
Relationships should help you grow as a person, as a human being and when it stops your growth and effects your health (mental), then you have got the signal from God to stop right there. This was for a friend of mine, who is going through this….emotional blackmail stuff.

I have been humming this song of Shaan’s since Sunday,

” Bhool Jaa, Hai Kasam tujhe muskura,
Khud ko yun na de tu sazza,
Un yado ko tu Bhool Jaa”

Confession: I want to settle down again….with a good human being……….and fulfill all my dreams…….


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