Woman Vs Man: Bull shit

The whole idea of woman’s right and woman’s day is bullshit for me. Seriously. You create woman’s rights, like you have animal rights. Why can’t woman’s rights come under Human rights? Yeah! Because, you created it to show the whole world you care and smartly hiding your chauvinism. Great!!!!
Creating woman’s right was the first step towards making it loud and clear that you are different creatures. Your rights can not come under Animal rights nor can it be covered under Human rights. All those feminists and flag bearers of woman empowerment feel so merry about. As if men bashing is the only way to liberation. Grow Up and get a life….I don’t want to imagine a world without men which would simply mean a world without my father, brother and friends. I would rather love to die then. Men are my support system. My father is my support, my brother is my pal, and my male friends are fun to be with. Men help you realize your sexuality, your strength, your weakness. In short they make you complete. So all those feminist brigade, just get lost. If you can’t treat a human as human then it’s not worth the fight. A man or woman is a human, an individual first, and then comes the sexual role play. Crime is committed against a human by another human. Be it rape, or be it murder. Where is the question of man battering a woman then? It’s a human against human. Moreover, women are also no sati savitri. I have witnessed many such women making the life of a man, hell.

Now, we have Woman’s day on 8th March each year and you better be prepared to have your mail box full of presentations, forwards etc. And interestingly, these forwards would celebrate womanhood because she is a mother, daughter, friends, lover blah, blah, blah….means; you got to be in an acceptable relationship so that your womanhood could be celebrated.

One is not born a woman, one becomes one. And there are many people playing a role in the making. Hence, instead of celebrating woman’s day and creating a big hoopla out of it, would not it be great if we could celebrate humanity?


2 thoughts on “Woman Vs Man: Bull shit

  1. Very interesting point of view…therotically you are right… there need not be a seperate women’s right as long as we recognise human rights..

    Alas reality is different… I know there are such women who are treated worser than animals and am talking about educated city dwellers.. Sometimes to combat such grave situation we need specific gender specific rights, legislations, education, action committees…that’s when women’s right comes into picture

    Feminism is Crap I agree. Quoting myself “all feminists are failed, heart broken romantic frustrates”.

  2. well interesting but then why cant enjoy be a women.Well u ccertainly do not need a date but u can enjoy beings women. not all femisnist are failed do not agree.I do enjoy being a women and I am not herthbroken romantic frustrates.

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