Gultu My Jaan

My doggy Gultu is the cutest doggy in the whole world. She is a mongrel, two and half years old. White coat with fawn coloured spots. Her back looks like a soccer ball. She has brown ears, big brown eyes, and when she was tiny she had pink paws, and a pink tummy which now is covered with white fur.
She is the darling of our house and throws her tantrums like a little princess. I call her my sister, and my maa calls her Monalisa. My brother fights with her (literally) as if they were siblings. She would growl, and show off her teeth to scare my brother and he would keep irritating her in turn. My father loves to feed her biscuits. Her favorite brand is Happydog chicken flavoured biscuits. They come in the shape of bones and you can make her do her obedience training tricks with her favorite Happydog biscuits.
She has a very expressive face, and as a dog owner I am very familiar with her expressions and demands. Every morning she would get up, strech, wag her tail and start licking the face of the first person who she could spot. That person could be still in bed peacefully sleeping unaware of the predator which is prowling near him so that the face could be licked. Ok if not face then may be feet, hands, any part of the human body unclothed.
After that exercise, she would wait pateintly for my brother to get up so that she could be taken for a walk. If there is a delay, she would run around the whole house as if the house is on fire and will go to each person who she thinks can take her out for her potty. If the potty call is at night, she knows that no one would entertain her, so she would go to the loo and relieve herself there.
We put a choke chain around her neck to walk her and she is so familiar with the sound of that chain, that the moment she hears the sound she knows someone’s gonna take her out. She even understands the word “Chalo” and she knows where to head.
Walks with her are also a battle. She would run after Big dogs and bark at dogs her own size, she would even start chasing children and women. She loves chasing ants, mosquitoes, flies, birds, cats.
In summers she would remain awake the whole nights barking at the lizards on the wall. Her favorite abode is the place under the sofa and the Bed on which my parents sleep. She would sleep in between.
The moment she knows some one has come from the family, she is all excited as if the person has come back after wining a battle. She would jump, pounce, wag, lick, drool….and she better be the first creature to be loved else she would not leave you in peace.
When my friends come, she’s gotta sit among us, and my friends gotta curdle her constantly and put her to sleep.
She has this fetish for shoes which I dont undersatnd. She would pick up the most expensive shoe from the shoe rack and chew it till it loses its identity of being a shoe. And when my dad comes running after her with a stick, she knows where to hide, (under the dining table). If you try to catch her from this side she would escape from the other side, and if you come from that side of the table she would run from this side. And if she gets caught, she would put the most innocent look on her face and start licking my dad, waging her tail.
She needs a pillow to sleep and she needs people around her. If you dare leave her alone you would be scared to enter the house and if you do better be prepare yourself to be licked and covered in doggy drool, to see news papers torn and strewn all over the house. Floor covered with doggy soosoo. She would do horrendous things out of anger and when left alone. She would pick up empty whisky bottles from the kitchen may be, place it on bed and sniff the bottle, may be she gets a little tipsy also, who knows. She would pick up all the clothes from the bathroom, soaked in surf and place them nicely in the sitting room. She would pick up the sofa cushions, one at a time, and tear them like chicken. So many times I had to sew the cushions after coming back from office so that I dont end up getting scolded by my maa.
She hates taking bath, she hates cats, she hates our sweeper.
She thinks she is a human but looks like a dog.
By the way my brother named her Gultu because she was a tiny ball of fur when I brought her home. She was a confusion to all. First we thought its a male, but later it tuned out to be a female. We thought its a pomerenian, but it was a mongrel. She still is a confusion to all and never fails to amuse us with her antics.


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