Rang De Basanti – Colour fade to nahi hoga na?

Last evening I had gone to Chanakya with my parents to see “Rang De Basanti”. The movie was sponsored by me and we liked the movie a lot. Very relevant and a bold attempt to uncover the truth. The truth that how government merrily plays with the life of the MIG pilots and many others.
It takes so much pain to give birth to a baby, raise the baby, give him the best education and life possible. Then the parents would send him to serve the nation, knowing fully well that they might lose their child any day. As parents they have so much hope in that child and as fellow country men we have so much expectations from that soldier.
It takes so much effort, time, money to form a government. It took the greatest effort to free India so that she could have her own sovereignty. We as citizens have so much hope from our government.
It takes so much public money to train a single pilot so that in time of need we could be rest assured of our safety.
But what happens behind closed doors is very different.
Defense deals are lucrative means of earning big money. In a 5 year period, I think most of the portfolio ministers would try to earn as much as possible. After all public memory is so short that even if they get caught, after few years no one will even talk about it.
We have forgotten Hawala, 1984 riots, Bhopal Union carbide incident to name a few.
With the disintegration of USSR the economy also got impacted. The industries were also disintegrated. Russia kept making and maintaining the standards probably but the other other countries had to survive hence, they started making good of cheaper quality and price. And India, went ahead with the lowest quotation from Ukraine for MIG spares.
Joint Director and above every one is involved in the money making cycle. I know this because my parents are in ministry of Defense and my mother’s colleague was in the procurement department. When I asked them that if they know there is so much scandal involved in the buying and procurement of defense related equipment, why did not they send an anonymous letter to Anti Corruption bureau or the PMO. They were quite but I knew the reason why. No body wants to become Satyendra Dubey and have a fate like his. Like I said before as long as I have peace at my home I do not care. India is not my home, my home is the address that you use to send me greeting cards.
In the name of secrecy the business is going on…..
To give you another example (not related to Defense though) when my Uncle made a Garwali film and wanted Doordarshan to air it, the person had demanded 1.5 lakhs in cash as bribe which was later paid to that person.
We blame the system, the government for everything that goes wrong but have we ever given it a thought that how much are we responsible for it. We blame the police for taking bribes at the signals. But we forget that these people are so poorly paid. I am not covering up for them but they have a family to support and may be they are the only earning member hence, they are forced socially if not morally, to take bribe. But reason do these highly placed ministers or bureaucrats have to justify their acts? What justification do we have when we pick up office stationary so that we could use it at home? What justification do we have when we board a bus and instead of buying ticket we say, “Staff Hai”. What justification do we have when we produce fake rent slips to save on tax?
The list of questions would not end, but the idea behind is, why can’t we start reforming ourselves before we start commenting on others.
Patriotism is not about going on front to fight wars, its not about saying “Jai Hind” after we get momentarily excited after watching a Patriotic Movie. Patriotism is about loving our own country and feel a sense of belonging for her. We can do our bit by saving and conserving her resources, and it does not take more than 10 seconds to turn off a leaking tap, to turn off any electrical appliance which is not being used. We can stop littering and do many other community service related programmes.
Honesty comes with a price tag, I know this because in my colony there was an Old man who used to sell paan, but he did not get an electricity connection for his shop as he refused to pay bribe to NDMC. So till the time he was alive, he used to light a candle in the evening and run his business however, his shop used to look very shoddy because of the dim candle light hence his business also suffered but he still did not pay a bribe…Many years later he died…When , how, where..I don’t know but we assumed that as his shop remained shut for many months before it was sold off. Many few people can pay such price for being honest, at least we can try to be honest with ourselves. And trust me, if we could achieve even 50% of this, it would be worth saying, ” Colour me vermilion”.


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