Surprising Facts a Girl likes in Her Man.

Girls like to see her man shave his beard, and make faces in the mirror while doing so with a face covered with foam.
Seeing him roam around the house early in the morning all sleepy and grumpy.
Seeing him play with the dog, and with the kids.
When he is getting dressed up.
A girl likes her man stepping outside the bathroom all wet, and water dripping from hair.
seeing him comb his hair.
Girl likes her man screaming at the top of his voice while watching his favorite sport.
It amazes her, how smartly he solves all those math problems.
Girls like well groomed and nice smelling men.
Girls like chivalry, the way men care.
When the man is lost in his own thoughts.
When he is fast asleep
When he eats the food with full indulgence that she has made.
Girl likes to see her man wearing his Tie.
Girl likes it when her man is among his friends but still staring at her at every given chance.


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