If Animals Could Talk-Part 1

She comes late in the evening and would stand outside the iron grill gate for hours. Tired if she gets, she would sit but she would wait…for some one to come out because she konws, in this house she would get something to eat after a day full of abuses, kicking, stone pelting by small boys, hunger , running around etc.

Now she comes with her kids, 2 of them, really tiny and dirty but cute, unaware of the hardships they are going to face when they grow up. But this house would still be there to feed her and her babies as long as I live in this house, because when I feed her biscuits I see something that forces me to wait for her every evening till she comes. I see her saying,”hello, there, I have not eaten anything for the entire day, nor have my babies, could you be human enough to feed me something, anything. I shall be thankful to you for the rest of my life.”


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