If Animals Could Talk-Part 2

Oh No there comes the kids again, and they have stones in their hands. Where do I run? Where do I hide? Where is my mother? Oh! There she is, happily enjoying her siesta. woof woof, mother run run, the kids are here. My mother said in her sleep, “those rotten urchins, I will bite them some day. woof woof. Daisy lets go from here”. “Maa, lets go to Sheel uncles stairs, there no one will disturb us and we might get Gultu’s Happydog biscuit or may be Parle-G biscuits. Sheel uncle is very fond of us.”
So we decided to go to Sheel uncle’s stairs and rest there. But Sheel uncle did not feed us today. He seemed to be in a hurry. “Nevermind, maa lets go to the pile of garbage in the NDMC dustbin, we might get some food there.” Maa said, ” Daisy, you feel hungry all the time. But the dustbin must already be empty by now and even if its not then Kitty the cat must have eaten all the good stuffs”. “Maa, lets go and see.”

Last week, two of Pagli’s pups had died and their bodies were dumped in that dustbin.

So mother daughter duo, manage to find some scraps and have a satisfying breakfast which should keep their tummy full till evening.

“Wow, that black dog is really handsome. Wonder which colony he came from? Never saw him here before nor could smell his territory. Maa has no sex drive any more since she escaped from the NDMC sterilization camp. Though she could not escape from the operation. Poor maa. They picked up my brother Khujli also but he never came back. Dunno, what happened to him?”
“Hey Daisy, that black ugly Dog is looking at you, just be cautious, he should not get in to our territory.” ” Uffo maa, chilax, don’t be such a paranoid.” “Paranoid, what do you mean Daisy? I have seen life more than you, and what is this “Chillax”? So many times I have told you not to be friends with those dogs in the market.” ” Maa please, don’t start again. Market dogs are so good, whenever I am hungry they feed me with their share. Now lets go and take some rest. Its getting too hot and that black dog is also gone.”
“Humm, Ok lets go to Sheel Uncles stairs again. Maa, Gultu is so rich na. She never has to worry about food, nor does she have to worry about shelter.” Maa said, “Ya, Gultu is a rich dog but I have seen even richer dogs. They go to beauty parlour, travel in Cars.” Now c’mon, don’t lose heart”.
“Maa, maa…I am thirsty, its almost evening, I am going to have some water. Subzi wali Aunty must have kept water in the earthen pot.” ” Ok Daisy go, but you have not barked the whole day. The post man came, the gas wala came, the hawker came, but you neither chased them nor barked. I had to do all this myself. Don’t forget you are a dog and you gotta do this.” ” Ok maa, I will keep this in mind. Now can I go?” “Ya, ok go and no late nights for you, I know, you are going to meet those market dogs again.”
“Hey maa, see Sheel uncle is here, he has biscuits in his hands, ye ye…
woof woof…”hey Daisy wag your tail hard. Just the way I am wagging, it will make Sheel Uncle happy and he will know we are so fond of him.” ” Yeah Maa, see my tail, I am wagging it so hard.
woof woof woof woof

Chew, munch, munch……

“mmmm…these biscuits are so nice na Maa?” Now we will not have to worry about dinner also.

Another day passes from the Dogs life.

P.S. Daisy, her mother Kali, Khujli, Pagli all are my colony dogs. Very much a part of my life. See them everyday. Dozing, running around, playing, barking…….


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