I Want to Ask My Friends

How long can one blame his vulnerability for his weakness? Weakness to do wrong and coming out of it smartly blaming your vulnerability for it.
You sleep around with men, every man you come in contact with. And you blame your stagnant relationship for it, because it’s not taking you where you want it to go. Why can’t you just move on? You don’t care about the disease that you might contract with such sex performed under the cover of vulnerability. All you do it for is to enjoy it. Then why not name it lust, desire? It’s plain and simple. You are stuck with your own morality yet want to break all the shackles of it. You don’t know what you want out of life. And when you will lose whatever little you could save, you will either repent or die. Don’t do this, stop. You don’t need this. Try to come out of it.
No matter how much I try to help you, I can not help you much until I have your willingness. Life is not just getting married or jumping into bed.

And you, yes you. You did not tell me about your feelings but you knew it all about me. You went ahead and poured your heart out to this guy you met just 2 months ago. Why? So that you can win him by creating a sympathetic ground for yourself. But you are wrong. Relations are not built on sympathy. You will fall on your face again because you are not what you pretend. If you are not that strong why don’t you say so? What’s the harm in telling the truth?

May be I don’t make sense to you. But I make sense to myself. We the so called dare devils in our own sense of the word are cowards; afraid of telling the truth, afraid of admitting it.

You weak female, you have a loud voice, you shriek in public, you have this big mouth, you don’t hesitate of proclaiming that you have screwed so many men. You don’t hesitate foul mouthing. You try so hard to pretend that you don’t need them. But given the first chance you would cling to them like a monkey clinging to its mother. This is the truth and I know it. I know all about you. It does not matter what you say because I can hear the unsaid.

And you, empty from within, and still don’t admit. Why do you hide? Who are you afraid of?

STOP being an island, so unreachable.

Stop fooling yourself as it’s very obvious what you really are.
You all are living in a fool’s paradise.


3 thoughts on “I Want to Ask My Friends

  1. interesting woman, atleast from a guys perspective. i dont supose u were referin to yoself or ur the comisioner,morality-police. y wud some1 need to live like how ud think is right/rong?

  2. Hi jerk,

    thnx for visiting my blog and posting a comment.
    Everone can live life the way he/she wants….I belive in live and let live but why all this pretention and hypocrecy?

    No I am not a moral police..:-)

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