Aunty’s Push & Uncles Rub

Sarojini Nagar market full of aunties, DTC buses full of uncles.

Aunties push, Uncles rub…

Ok let me explain…

Aunties push you aside to get inside the shop which is already crowded…Aunties push so that they can plop on the seat of the bus. For that seat, ladies seat to be precise, they can even man handle you.

Uncles, desperate uncles would rub against you so that they can get the feel of a woman because their wives don’t give them any weigtage at home.

These creatures come in variety of shapes and sizes but usually with a big paunch and a huge bum. They stink also, well most of them.

They have it all: Big yellow teeth, bad breath, big bindi, a huge hankies, a big bag, a briefcase, jai mata di locket, gold hoops, bichua, gutkha etc etc…..

In wedding parties, they will put everything in their plate that they can see and then will waste half of it. They love to litter the roads with peanut shells in winters, and they also love knitting sweaters for pappu. They worry about pappu not studying for board exams and will not get science stream and then they treat neighbors with laddoos saying, ” Pappu pass ho gaya.”

Uncles love to see porn, they read eroticas and Aunties attend satsang, and perform Ramdev yoga. Uncles think of taking 33 plus Aunties still don’t bother about osteoporosis after menopause. Aunties love their achar and murabba and Uncles think of Mrs. Sharma’s Office ka dabba.

Still they make a successful couple. With all their differences they have learned to love each other. Uncle will still drool and rub against a girl his daughter’s age and Aunties will still cook at home and jostle and push to get inside the shop that mostly amaze.

They will still pack Uncleji’s lunch and put some achar murabba and Uncle Ji would still relish Mrs. Sharma’s Dabba.


4 thoughts on “Aunty’s Push & Uncles Rub

  1. Hi Boss,

    I agree I agree I agree!

    Some of the blame of the uncle’s perpetual hard on lies with aunties who are too busy making breakfast!

    But they will always stick together, perhaps even more than compatiable couples…perhaps because deep inside they know no on else will care even this much!

  2. This is so very true…
    Then there r certain unclejis who love to have a feel of the young gal’s bra strips while giving them false aashirwaads,who innocently touch their dirty feet during festivals and family functions. Seen this on many occassions, its so pathetic.

    But they will always stick together, perhaps even more than compatiable couples…perhaps because deep inside they know no on else will care even this much!***completely agree with u…

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