Want To Ask My Friend- part II-Yeah Yeah Whatever-

You think you are so smart. So good at whatever you do. You give lectures to ..whatever…but you know..what?..You are bad at relationships, you are bad with people…that’s why you always come back empty handed because you never try to clear misundersatndings…you take credit for whatever little you do making the other person who did so much, feel so wothless…you have been doing this right from the college days..when I and couple of friends..took all the pain..for getting something orgainised..and you smartly come and take all the crdit for it…making us look like a bunch of “good for notings” infront of others. You take responsibility, initiative so that people get the idea of who’s the boss..but when it comes to doing things you are no where to be seen…I want to shout at the top of my voice and tell you..you are not doing the right thing….but I can’t becuase tommorrow you would go out and say that you helped me and I as a selfish person dumped you.

You desperately look for this guy’s attention and seek it by whatever means…even if that means creating a sorry picture for yourself..and he like an idiot thinks..what a poor state you are in…

You don’t get along with your parents becuase you want to have things your way…do whatever you want..go wherever you want…act foolish to prove your open mindness and misuse your liberty….that’s why you get to hear what you hear….

You don’t act your age..and think you are the smartest ass of all…..

I don’t like the way…you sometimes act as a teenager waiting to be kissed and showered with love….from her teenaged boyfriend…this does not suit you..at all…this does not match your personality…you are no delicate darling….
you stink, you have a sharp tongue, you have body ordour, you have no sense of hygiene, I find you dirty sometimes, whatever bad you think, it comes true…
why are you so satanic…but I will stick around for the good part in you…


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