A Hint from God

While coming back from childhood friend, Sanju’s home from Dwarka, I had to get down at Malai Mandir. Since, it was Ram Navami, I thought why not visit the temple? So I went to South Delhi Kali Bari, the prayers were going on and the priest was performing the ceremonial puja, with bhajans playing in the back ground. I was in a trance, it was a strange feeling, stranger to agnostics but not for me because I always connect with God. I don’t know how it happens but I can hear him speak with me and many times when I follow what he says, my work gets done. I know it might sound silly but one has to experience it to believe it.
I was asking God to help me, to be with me, to show me the right path, to guide me, to help me get out of the mess, and I started crying, I was trying to hide my tears from people and just right then the Chandelier above me turned on, throwing the brightest yellow light on me as if I had been blessed, as if I had been heard.
It was so symbolic. God and I re-connected again.


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