Graffitti-Part 1

Socrates —–> Plato ——> Aristotle ——> Alexander the Great

What is wrong with “Akbar the Great”?
Akbar itself means great, that is why people say “Allah hu Akbar”, so it is like saying ” the great the great”

Chinese Automobile company making imitations of Bajaj 3-Wheelers and selling them by the name of Bajaj. Who so ever said imitation is the best form of flattery needs to think twice because it is going to give sleepless nights to the Original Giant.

Mr. Arjun Singh, be ready for EC and Knowledge Commission’s danda. You smartly thought of politicising education in the name of reservations for OBC.
How many more things will you politicise Mr. Ministers?
Health, Jobs, Sports, Justice, Law, Religion and now Education.
I know many SC/ST/OBC people who are financially welloff and there are so many brahmins, pundits who are fighting for two square meals. Reservation for economically poorer sections of the society would be a better idea rather than this caste politics.


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