That Tree of Hope

There is a tree, big, huge, tall tree infront of my house. I call that tree, The Tree of Hope and there is a story behind it.
Few years ago that tree was dry. It had no leaves, no greens. All it had was dry, crakling, lifeless branches which looked dead in the June sun and spooky in the night. Gradually life found it and the only sign of life on that tree was also symbolic to death. Why? Beacuse the tree was made a “home” by vultures and bats.
Seasons passed, days went. The tree stood with bats hanging and screaming at night and vultures fluttering their tired wings to get ready for their next flight to death. But then a miracle happened. I call it a miracle beacuse leaves started growing on that dead tree. With each sign of life the messengers of death started to move away. Each green, one life, one creature of death gone. Slowly, the tree went through a metamorphosis and tuned in to a full bodied sensuous female waiting to give birth to life. So much full of lush green leaves that one actually had to peer to see the once dead, dry branches. It was now a home for many birds whose chicks would chirp the whole day. It was an amazing transformation. After all coming back to life from being dead is indeed amazing.


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