I wanna ask the government

Why are the farmers in Vidharba and Marathwada dying a death of suicide? What is the government doing to help these farmers who are dying to save their self respect due to indebtedness and crop failure? This would only lead to a slow death of Agricultural sector. In the madness of becoming Industrialised, we have already lost so much of our culture. There are so many forms of art which have already died a silent death or are on the verge of dying and are crying for revival. There are so many Tribes who are almost extinct now. There would come a time when we will have to import food items and natural products.

Why are we still focusing on reservation and quota systems when it has not helped us much since 1978, during Morarji Desai’s regime? We should ideally be focusing on quality primary and secondary education rather than giving freebies to some. And if the government is convinced that reservation would work then the Prim Ministers seat should also have 50% reservation for the SC/ ST/ OBC which has till date been occupied by people of higher castes, except for Deve Gowda, the humble farmer, who could not continue his term.

Now I read that YaleUniversity would pick up the cream ala cream from India so that they get free education in Yale University. So now, after some relief from the brain drain, we should be ready again for some. Because, with reservations at Jobs, Premium institutes, the students would have no option, but to look else where for their career. And I am sure, universities which are offering free education and free return tickets too to its students every year during the academic session would not be doing is out of charity. After all, nothing comes for free and this too would have some price tag. May be these universities would make sure that these bright students do not go back to India for jobs but rather stay in their countries and serve them as they are deprived of quality professionals which we will fulfill for them. They might have tie ups with companies and contractual bonds, so that with each bright Indian student their country gets a promising professional. And at the end of it, India suffers and manages, somehow with these quota students, who would get admissions and jobs not on merit but due to their priviledged birth in these families.

I want to ask the government who have supporters like Bal Thackery and his likes, who are fanatics to the core and would create a rampage in the name of Hindutva and sanskriti and Christian conversion. But why are these people taking a refuge in some other religion has any body thought of it? Its not out of choice but out of need. The need for free medical facility, education and acceptance in the society which is mostly caste ridden and driven. In fact the politics is run on the caste system to gain favoritism.
And this quota system also is nothing but a branch of it so that the society remains divided. After all sanskitisation is a fact of Sociology where the one below would ape the one above and the one below has aped the one above’s policy of “Divide and Rule.”

I also want to ask the general public of Karnataka, why such a rampage on the death of a Demigod who died a natural death. 6 people dead and for what? For whom? For Rajkumar. Who did what? Who acted in more than 200 films. So what? Was he a father Teresa? When Kargil happened, people where sticking to the TV set not because of the war but because of the World Cup going on. Where was this feeling at that time? Feeling of great loss.

This post shall continue till all my questions are answered………

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