Simple Things

It really feels nice when you could make someone feel so special.
We recently celebrated a very close friend’s birthday. It was a pleasant surprise for him. And when I realized that he actually was so happy, it gave me a strange satisfaction that I could make someone feel good.

It’s a very beautiful feeling.

In life there are tiny moments, small gestures which give life its meaning, which gives each day its worth.

Holding a new born baby in your arms is a nice feeling. Falling in love, doing something special for a loved one, doing something for your own self, all of this is so beautiful.
Seeing children play, seeing the earth getting wet. Playing with your dog, getting licked by your naughty puppy. Watching the rainbow and the stars from the terrace of your home till you fall asleep. Calling your friends home, cooking dinner together, watch a late night movie, long drive.
Isolated roads, haunted houses.
Going back to a place called home after a hard day’s work. Sharing gossip with buddies. Having dinner with your family. Getting yourself painted. Observing people. Music, light, sunshine, rains, lightning, a storm, a safe tremor of an earth quake, everything is so crazy.

Every thing makes life so happy and so beautiful.

Still we would crib and complain, about so many things. May be we take everything that God has given us, for granted. We take all our senses for granted. That’s why we hear but don’t listen. We see but don’t observe. We make friends but don’t nurture the relation. May be we think making friends, having a home, having a family, having a job, everything is part of life. This happens, this ought to happen. Something like breathing. We would breathe even if we are in coma. But how many of us realize that without oxygen, our breathing is useless?
The sun rises every morning, we know it because we have seen it, we have heard it, and we have read about it. In short, it is granted that tomorrow again the sun would rise. But without an eye to see it, without a skin to feel it and without the brain to understand it, would we know how it is to be in the sun on a lazy winter afternoon? How does it feel at 12 noon in the month of May in Delhi?
Without our brain, would we know how it is to be in love, without our senses will it be the same when you are making love? When you are giving birth, when you have a bouquet of your favorite flowers in your hand?

We are not made in factories and that is why we all are so different. We react differently to each situation. What is it that makes us different?

What is it? Who has given us this power the senses? The power of intuition, the ability to love someone, to care. The ability to feed a hungry stomach. The power of intelligence, the power of perception?

Who taught us to put our mother’s breast in our mouth when we were born and were hungry? Who taught us to close our eyes and cover our face immediately when we assume that something is going to hit our face? How come feelings like fear, hunger, happiness, grief, pain are ingrained since birth in all the living beings? How come babies of all the animals including humans have something that we call mischief? How come all animals have a desire to mate and have off springs? Who thought them the art of love, the right way of rearing a baby, feeding the baby, the art of hunting and later on cultivating? Why all species of birds make different nests and who taught them?
We may choose to call it basic instinct. But are we not getting away very easily? What is this instinct and who put this in?
For me I would say if we stop taking things for granted we would start seeing God in every small activity of life. God is what we are, what we make our children. God is the ability to feel sunshine.
God is to make someone feel good. God is the unexplained feeling that you experience when you are in love.
I know I started this post with a friend’s birthday and may have got lost in the midway. That is what many people would think. But given a serious thought would you not agree that our brains are made that way that we jump from topic to topic but the chain is never broken. One thing would lead to another always. I once read a 3 page article in reader’s Digest by Helen Keller and I realized through her words how fortunate we are with able bodies. All she wised for were 3 days of sight, sound and senses. That meant the whole world to her.
But it does not take great thinkers to open our eyes. With grave loss comes serious learning.


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