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some people in my life

There is this girl I know for the past 21 years. We were in school together in college together. There is this girl who I knew but never thought would be such friends. She used to come in my school bus when I was in Class 1 or may be 4 but we actually became friends when we were in 9th standard. We fought also only once that is when we were in college. After that we lost touch, called each other once in a while but were never as close as we were in school. Today she is a lawyer and destiny has drawn us very close to each other. We have become support system for each other. She knows and understands each and every breath that I take. I hate her sometimes for her silly habits but the kind of understanding she has, every other thing seem trivial. I wish her all the best and I wish her all the happiness.

There is this Guy, again my friend, who I have known for the past 5 months I guess. One of the good looking guys that we have in our group. Very funny at times, aloof, concerned at the same time. A person who would make you comfortable the moment you meet him as if you have known each other for a very long time. And with that warm and welcoming smile that he always has on his face he seemed to be a cool dude.

And here is someone who is the most special friend, known him again for the past 5 months, found him at such a point in life when I wish if I had met him before. He cares for all, ignores no one. He seems to be God sent. A gem of a person and a human being with a heart of gold. A species, which is extinct today. A celebrity quizzer and so modest and down to earth.

I wish all of these people all the happiness that God has decided for them.


Mindful Mindless

People love to give advice even when you don’t need. People hate advices when they need it the most. I think people give advices so that they could tell it to the world that they went to school got education and mainly to show, I am holier than thou attitude” Some people give advice out of concern also. I read it somewhere, a wise man speaks because he has something to say and a fool speaks because he has to say something.
There are people who love to motivate. Even if the person is quite motivated they would still keep saying, yes, make me proud.” “You can do it”. I actually feel like a kid, when I have no issues and such people make an issue out of no issue and motivate me. Irritating at times, but since the intention is good so I tolerate.
There are people who love being sarcastic of others but given a chance to show responsibility, they usually fail. But this still would not deter and will prove to make an ass out of themselves by showing that they know it all. Even Leonardo Da Vinci would have to be certified by them before the world takes him to be a genius. But does not matter to me.

Now, there is another set of people, who would crib, cry, complain, and never be happy at anything. Even if they have a baby, they would rather crib about the bad hospital than be happy about their little piece of joy. I have learned to live with them also and their constant fret, frown and sob stories.

Let’s talk about this gentleman too. He is otherwise ok, normal. But if you ask him too many questions he would rather make a flow chart for how cut an apple in to half to make you look silly. Rather flow chart on how to fill water in a tumbler.

Another variety. They would always please, and stooge to be in the good books of people. Same like those opportunists who always remain in contacts of influential people. There is another bunch, who thinks they are always right and are God sent. 🙂

At the end of it all, it is just human brain which has made people the way they are. And I have accepted them the way they have been made. After I could also be falling under some category I may not even know, but people still like me.


Thought of writing this post to bring back romance in life. Actually romance is life. I mean it is not necessary to be in love to be romantic. Pampering yourself could be romantic too. But any way, I would rather stick to the oxford meaning of the word and want to share how to have a perfect romantic date. So all those clueless guys look here:-

The Perfect Movie Date:
Pick her up from her home and get some flowers and chocolate for her. Compliment her for her looks and be creative in choosing your words. Instead of saying, “you look good.” You can choose to say, something like, you smell nice or may be you look stunning. After the movie and the usual chivalry, take her for dinner or lunch, whatever is appropriate. And yes ask her choice about the restaurant.

Prefect Dinner Date at Home:
Well get her flowers and a bottle of wine if she drinks or stick to chocolate if she does not. Put on some soft music, open the bottle serve her wine, dance slowly to the music and let her give you the hint. And you simply follow her. Ok Ok ok this was a dinner date, so you guys got to eat too, right. Serve her and if she has cooked and if the dinner date is at her home then chances are she may not put on soft music and soft lights but you can ask her to do so, if she is comfortable and don’t forget to compliment her for her cooking. Don’t eat too much, and don’t forget to floss. There is no big turn off than bad breath and food sticking to teeth. Once the dinner is over, you again can wait for her hint. If she wants you to leave you will get the cue, if not then let your imagination run wild. If the dinner date is at your home, you can use silk/ satin bed sheets, aromatic candles to set the mood……….and leave it up to your instincts…

Don’t for get the cardinal rule though….which is …take a cue from her and don’t’ rush things…you may lose her for ever………..and one thing more…keep it honest and classy and full of surprises and creativity…

Happy Dating….

Walk the Dog

How much I wished I carried a camera today when I was walking my doggy.
Have you ever seen a dog walking another dog? Well I saw this morning. A white Labrador holding a red leach in its mouth and walking its companion, a brown dog. It would not let the brown dog go any where and would stop whenever the brown dog would stop for sniffing the ground. It was so funny. Then I saw, another man with 3 black scruffy puppies, all walking together, and reminded me of army of ants. And look here, look at my dog. All she would do is chase people she finds strange, chase big dogs and sniffs every nook and corner of the street I walk her to.
Here is a piece of advice, own a dog. You would never have time to get bored and your dog would never let you feel depressed, unless, off course, you have a dog like mine, who hates to be alone and would do more harm than good if left on her own.

Happy doggy time.

fAr frOm beInG NoRmAl

Am I normal? My dad has always doubted me being normal. He thinks I always remain in dream land and always keep fantasizing. Now I also have started thinking that I may not be normal. After all no normal person would have so many things lined up for herself. “So many things”? Well, yes. Masters in Sociology, Psychology then Human Right later on a PhD who knows? Then learn salsa, swimming, theatre, join civil defense workshop for disaster management.
Join United Nations someday even if that means working for a year with them on a contractual basis for 20K a month. But want to work with them. No matter what.
Also want to own a big farm land and have as many animals as possible as pet, starting from dogs, cats, monkeys, snakes, cows, deer, rabbits, birds, elephants, horses, panda, beers and a tigers too.
I don’t mind living in the zoo with the animals. And I also don’t mind if someone taught me veterinary science. That would be my 2nd dream job after UN.
Now you guys know for sure that my dad calls me abnormal for a reason.

I stand

I once happened to passed by GB Road, Delhi’s red light area. I saw dozens of cramped houses and small pigeon hole like room with a tiny window from where the girls were waving. All of them in gaudy makeup, open hair, and shiny velvety clothes which had no sleeves but mostly straps. The girls were trying to play seductress and their clientele, given the surroundings, must be, police men, small time shop keepers, transporters, rickshaw pullers, tea stall owners etc. I was wondering how many of these must be HIV, STD carriers. Many of them must be suffering from cervix cancer and they don’t even know about it. These women are socially boycotted; they don’t come under the limits of society. They are forbidden souls, outcasts, dirty. But closing our eyes to their existence would not lead to their disappearance. They have existed from time immemorial and they would continue to do so. Instead of just ignoring their presence why can’t we take them along and bring them into main stream society?

May be legalizing their profession would help. It would be the first step towards acknowledging their presence. It would also help control child trafficking and illegal sex trade. It would create responsibility for the government to think about their health, well being and also will lead to policy making for them. Their rights as humans would not be violated because then they will be able to contest that. In fact I can choose to dedicate the entire post on the benefits of legalizing their profession. But the question here is why we are not in favor of this? I guess the pseudo morality that we teach everyone, comes in our way. What happens in a hush hush matter would happen openly. Men would still continue to visit them but then they would not be called “Gentleman” by their peers. After all, exploitation has been the means throughout ages to exercise power and control and this means would be taken away in case prostitution becomes legal.

In a survey, somewhere I read that 50% of the women in this trade are married and are doing this with their family’s consent. The reason is not poverty for them but to earn extra money. The reason is the same for all those coming from affluent families. Extra money means extra luxury, more things to flaunt and make an impression among your peers. The idea is so powerful that women do not hesitate to shed clothes and sleep with strangers. That is how money manipulates. The rich and powerful would continue to manipulate and there is no stopping to it. At least we can take measures to control it by legalizing their profession.

Many people, who are in favor, stress on the fact that prostitution helps in keeping rape cases low but I don’t think so. Rape is committed by people with demented brain. Rape is going to be a separate topic for me to discuss and I don’t think legalizing prostitution would help controlling it much. I favor, because I stand for their rights as humans. As humans they have all the right to live with dignity and respect. I favor the same for the eunuchs too because they are humans first and sex should not be ever considered as a base to count someone in or out of social limits. I am not a part of such society then which chooses its members based on reproductive organs.


Like my paintings my posts are also abstract. Abstract is rebellious. Abstract is what I like. It does not follow the path and rules. Life is routine so why everything else should be? I hate routine. I love unpredictability, I love unconventional ideas. Like a true Aquarian I am free spirited, bohemian, and want my space and freedom.

I love surprising people. Just the look on people’s face, amazes me. I like observing people and animals. As a woman I get vibes which I catch and I understand. As a woman I know we have the power of the 6th sense. I smell it.

I think from my right brain, I hear from the left ear, I see the things on my left side first. I use my right hand. I chew my food from left. This is what I have observed. Useless though.

Mushy Love Story

There is noting called “love at first sight.” If you get attracted towards a person, that is plain and simple attraction, not love. You choose to love, you don’t fall in love. You choose to love a person for what he is and not for how he looks. And once you are in love. You start talking to yourself. You keep smiling on your own. Your eyes twinkle and there is a general feeling of happiness. Love acts like a drug which induces a feeling of euphoria. This feeling stays for 6-12 month when both the partners behave in their best possible way, tolerate every irritating behavior and would do everything to please the other. After this initial euphoria the reality starts biting. The same person becomes a bugger and the same habits which initially you ignored starts to irritate you. This is the time when you have to take the test of love. How true and stable it is? If you sail through this phase smoothly then your relationship is here to stay.

You know you are in love when you always pray for your partner’s wellbeing. Love is when you always want the best for him/ her. Love is when his/her needs become your priorities. Love is when you are ready to make love even when he/ she has just woken up and not looking the best. Love is when you cancel the party that you had arranged for your long time friends to be with her/ him when he/ she is unwell. Love is when you accept the person the way he/ she is and respect him/ her for what he/ she is. Love is worth a marriage when you like it for what you are when you with him/ her.

Love is not what happens in movies. It’s a relationship and like every relationship it has to be nurtured throughout life. There will be days when your partner would look like your worst enemy and days when he/ she will be your best friend. But what matters is not to forget that your worst enemy is the one you chose to love.


Calling all men to join salsa. 2 agreed, now thinking who to take. Well whosoever can sincerely learn it.

Life is funny I tell you.

When you want you don’t get, when you get you don’t have the need.

For those who irritate me with poor table manners and lack of potty training. Girls please flush after using, and wipe the seat clean (Urghhhhh!!!!). And where ever you see a bin with a sticker “Use Me” please use it to dispose off your napkins rather than clogging the commode. Don’t put your strands of hair every where. May be your boyfriend likes it but no body would like it on a wet toilet floor.

And people please, don’t speak with your mouth full and chew your food with your mouth clothes (you remind me of a cow). Fold your napkins after use and place it on the table carefully. I know I know what you are thinking. But every one is obsessed with something and I am obsessed with cleanliness.

Please don’t share my make up also. I can’t say no to you but sharing makeup is very unhygienic, especially eye makeup and lipstick. What am I writing? It’s not making any sense. But who cares? As long as I have a computer at my disposal I will write.

Hmm…someone please make my parents understand. I am not a kid anymore. I also want late nights. I should rent a flat.

Hold on hold on…what’s the rush all about? You are too good but not as good as I want. Sorry. You want me to consider you? Nahhhhhh…

I am a good cook and I love calling people over for small get together. Want to call all my friends over and treat them with a hearty, delicious meal.

Please don’t get me wrong. I don’t think you are the one. Big turn offs for me:- bad breath, lose talk, and bear bellies.

Turn ons: Body ordour, intelligence, sensibility, humor.

Shut up, stop cribbing……..