Mushy Love Story

There is noting called “love at first sight.” If you get attracted towards a person, that is plain and simple attraction, not love. You choose to love, you don’t fall in love. You choose to love a person for what he is and not for how he looks. And once you are in love. You start talking to yourself. You keep smiling on your own. Your eyes twinkle and there is a general feeling of happiness. Love acts like a drug which induces a feeling of euphoria. This feeling stays for 6-12 month when both the partners behave in their best possible way, tolerate every irritating behavior and would do everything to please the other. After this initial euphoria the reality starts biting. The same person becomes a bugger and the same habits which initially you ignored starts to irritate you. This is the time when you have to take the test of love. How true and stable it is? If you sail through this phase smoothly then your relationship is here to stay.

You know you are in love when you always pray for your partner’s wellbeing. Love is when you always want the best for him/ her. Love is when his/her needs become your priorities. Love is when you are ready to make love even when he/ she has just woken up and not looking the best. Love is when you cancel the party that you had arranged for your long time friends to be with her/ him when he/ she is unwell. Love is when you accept the person the way he/ she is and respect him/ her for what he/ she is. Love is worth a marriage when you like it for what you are when you with him/ her.

Love is not what happens in movies. It’s a relationship and like every relationship it has to be nurtured throughout life. There will be days when your partner would look like your worst enemy and days when he/ she will be your best friend. But what matters is not to forget that your worst enemy is the one you chose to love.


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