Calling all men to join salsa. 2 agreed, now thinking who to take. Well whosoever can sincerely learn it.

Life is funny I tell you.

When you want you don’t get, when you get you don’t have the need.

For those who irritate me with poor table manners and lack of potty training. Girls please flush after using, and wipe the seat clean (Urghhhhh!!!!). And where ever you see a bin with a sticker “Use Me” please use it to dispose off your napkins rather than clogging the commode. Don’t put your strands of hair every where. May be your boyfriend likes it but no body would like it on a wet toilet floor.

And people please, don’t speak with your mouth full and chew your food with your mouth clothes (you remind me of a cow). Fold your napkins after use and place it on the table carefully. I know I know what you are thinking. But every one is obsessed with something and I am obsessed with cleanliness.

Please don’t share my make up also. I can’t say no to you but sharing makeup is very unhygienic, especially eye makeup and lipstick. What am I writing? It’s not making any sense. But who cares? As long as I have a computer at my disposal I will write.

Hmm…someone please make my parents understand. I am not a kid anymore. I also want late nights. I should rent a flat.

Hold on hold on…what’s the rush all about? You are too good but not as good as I want. Sorry. You want me to consider you? Nahhhhhh…

I am a good cook and I love calling people over for small get together. Want to call all my friends over and treat them with a hearty, delicious meal.

Please don’t get me wrong. I don’t think you are the one. Big turn offs for me:- bad breath, lose talk, and bear bellies.

Turn ons: Body ordour, intelligence, sensibility, humor.

Shut up, stop cribbing……..


2 thoughts on “Nonsense

  1. oye pagal, kuch dhang ka bhi likh liya kar kabhi kabhi… u have started speaking like those comedy anchors on television – they just keep on speaking without realising ki bol kya rahe hain……….–>

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