Thought of writing this post to bring back romance in life. Actually romance is life. I mean it is not necessary to be in love to be romantic. Pampering yourself could be romantic too. But any way, I would rather stick to the oxford meaning of the word and want to share how to have a perfect romantic date. So all those clueless guys look here:-

The Perfect Movie Date:
Pick her up from her home and get some flowers and chocolate for her. Compliment her for her looks and be creative in choosing your words. Instead of saying, “you look good.” You can choose to say, something like, you smell nice or may be you look stunning. After the movie and the usual chivalry, take her for dinner or lunch, whatever is appropriate. And yes ask her choice about the restaurant.

Prefect Dinner Date at Home:
Well get her flowers and a bottle of wine if she drinks or stick to chocolate if she does not. Put on some soft music, open the bottle serve her wine, dance slowly to the music and let her give you the hint. And you simply follow her. Ok Ok ok this was a dinner date, so you guys got to eat too, right. Serve her and if she has cooked and if the dinner date is at her home then chances are she may not put on soft music and soft lights but you can ask her to do so, if she is comfortable and don’t forget to compliment her for her cooking. Don’t eat too much, and don’t forget to floss. There is no big turn off than bad breath and food sticking to teeth. Once the dinner is over, you again can wait for her hint. If she wants you to leave you will get the cue, if not then let your imagination run wild. If the dinner date is at your home, you can use silk/ satin bed sheets, aromatic candles to set the mood……….and leave it up to your instincts…

Don’t for get the cardinal rule though….which is …take a cue from her and don’t’ rush things…you may lose her for ever………..and one thing more…keep it honest and classy and full of surprises and creativity…

Happy Dating….


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  1. Heard you guys on the BBC UK show. Very good, you guys are doing something constructive about blogging. Keep up the good work.

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