Walk the Dog

How much I wished I carried a camera today when I was walking my doggy.
Have you ever seen a dog walking another dog? Well I saw this morning. A white Labrador holding a red leach in its mouth and walking its companion, a brown dog. It would not let the brown dog go any where and would stop whenever the brown dog would stop for sniffing the ground. It was so funny. Then I saw, another man with 3 black scruffy puppies, all walking together, and reminded me of army of ants. And look here, look at my dog. All she would do is chase people she finds strange, chase big dogs and sniffs every nook and corner of the street I walk her to.
Here is a piece of advice, own a dog. You would never have time to get bored and your dog would never let you feel depressed, unless, off course, you have a dog like mine, who hates to be alone and would do more harm than good if left on her own.

Happy doggy time.


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