Mindful Mindless

People love to give advice even when you don’t need. People hate advices when they need it the most. I think people give advices so that they could tell it to the world that they went to school got education and mainly to show, I am holier than thou attitude” Some people give advice out of concern also. I read it somewhere, a wise man speaks because he has something to say and a fool speaks because he has to say something.
There are people who love to motivate. Even if the person is quite motivated they would still keep saying, yes, make me proud.” “You can do it”. I actually feel like a kid, when I have no issues and such people make an issue out of no issue and motivate me. Irritating at times, but since the intention is good so I tolerate.
There are people who love being sarcastic of others but given a chance to show responsibility, they usually fail. But this still would not deter and will prove to make an ass out of themselves by showing that they know it all. Even Leonardo Da Vinci would have to be certified by them before the world takes him to be a genius. But does not matter to me.

Now, there is another set of people, who would crib, cry, complain, and never be happy at anything. Even if they have a baby, they would rather crib about the bad hospital than be happy about their little piece of joy. I have learned to live with them also and their constant fret, frown and sob stories.

Let’s talk about this gentleman too. He is otherwise ok, normal. But if you ask him too many questions he would rather make a flow chart for how cut an apple in to half to make you look silly. Rather flow chart on how to fill water in a tumbler.

Another variety. They would always please, and stooge to be in the good books of people. Same like those opportunists who always remain in contacts of influential people. There is another bunch, who thinks they are always right and are God sent. 🙂

At the end of it all, it is just human brain which has made people the way they are. And I have accepted them the way they have been made. After I could also be falling under some category I may not even know, but people still like me.


3 thoughts on “Mindful Mindless

  1. Advice is not valued when not asked for,,,,and neveradvice something that u wont do,,,,,,,but this is also an advice,,,he he he he,,,irony

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