some people in my life

There is this girl I know for the past 21 years. We were in school together in college together. There is this girl who I knew but never thought would be such friends. She used to come in my school bus when I was in Class 1 or may be 4 but we actually became friends when we were in 9th standard. We fought also only once that is when we were in college. After that we lost touch, called each other once in a while but were never as close as we were in school. Today she is a lawyer and destiny has drawn us very close to each other. We have become support system for each other. She knows and understands each and every breath that I take. I hate her sometimes for her silly habits but the kind of understanding she has, every other thing seem trivial. I wish her all the best and I wish her all the happiness.

There is this Guy, again my friend, who I have known for the past 5 months I guess. One of the good looking guys that we have in our group. Very funny at times, aloof, concerned at the same time. A person who would make you comfortable the moment you meet him as if you have known each other for a very long time. And with that warm and welcoming smile that he always has on his face he seemed to be a cool dude.

And here is someone who is the most special friend, known him again for the past 5 months, found him at such a point in life when I wish if I had met him before. He cares for all, ignores no one. He seems to be God sent. A gem of a person and a human being with a heart of gold. A species, which is extinct today. A celebrity quizzer and so modest and down to earth.

I wish all of these people all the happiness that God has decided for them.


3 thoughts on “some people in my life

  1. I can see that I dont exist in your blog…anyways was a little hurt but I understand…just remember girl I am always with you, you want it or not and yes I pray for you and sanju, everyday and will always do.


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