Monthly Archives: June 2006


Was thinking of writing a mail, but thought what is the use. I mean you do things which no one even appreciates. There is no use for it any way. There is something, someone I miss in my life. Wish had someone, who would pamper me, take care of me. Feel lonely and depressed. I mean love is not just about saying “I love you”. It also means sharing. Not just the good things but bad things also. But why do I hesitate? Hesitate in talking my mind. Is it a fear of being ridiculed? What is it? Today I wanted to blog but could not becuase they have blocked the site. So had to wait for 12 hours so that I could reach home and then write. Though written something on my note pad. But it is a little risky to put it on blog. Wish I had someone with whom I could share everything…everything.