Indian Enterpreneurs

Hi All, it feels nice to be back. I was busy without any work then the blogspot got blocked. Anyway, wanted to write about the Indian Enterpreneur skills. No no ..not another lecture by any management guru. Just plain and simple, just like me, Plain and Simple.
Had gone to Parliament Street few days ago to buy stamp papers, saw RBI employees on strike. They had occupied the entire street and were sitting on a dharna, and like the typical Indian Businessman, oppurtunists, people were making good money out of that dharna. And do you know how? Arre, by selling sprouted moong dal, dal pakora etc. Some body’s loss is somebody’s gain. We suffered due to bank strike, diverted routes, and these streetfood seller did a brisk business.

Sahi Hai. There are things which happens only in India. Now what are these things, for that I will write a new post. As of now, gotta go, Dad wants to book tickets online.


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