I have come back again to my 2nd best friend. My 1st best friend being my Dog.

It happens only in story books, whatever I think, I belive. But I know it happens.
He being the most important person in my life ridiclues me. Because I think differently. But I know whenever someone is in trouble it is my different thinking which is the most comforting to the most disturbed soul. he would also realise this, some day. But probabaly by then he would have lost me.
I do not retaliate when he ridicules, says that I am immatured, foolish, wierd, etc, because I am still seeing if he is the one.
But it looks like he is not. I give him clear messages whenever I need him, but he does not understand, would not call to find out what is wrong with me. He simply seems to be uninterested.

Don’t feel like writing at this point in time…..


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