Is and Was

You are not interested in my Life…I know…

I meant the whole world for him
For I was the only one
I could saw the madness in his eyes
For he was crazy about me
I never felt in secured in his arms

Things changed…gradually…
For nothing is permanent but change
I saw him becoming what he never was
I had to let go
For I had given up

You claim your love
I doubt…For I know it is not how love is
But then they say…
If someone does not love you the way you want
that does not mean he does not love you
I try hard, but still do not see the passion in your eyes for me
I do not know, I do not believe you
When you say You Love Me
You do not want to lose me
For I do not see that in your eyes
And hey also say, eyes are the windows to your soul

You are a wonderful person…I know
Love…may be may be not


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