My life has never failed to surprise me. If I start to tell the story it would look like some script of some Hindi movie.  The one where you have a heroine falling in love with a hero (the rich girl poor boy story) they go against the whole world to be together and finally end up being together only to end fighting and going their separate way and the very same day when they are finally separated the girl quietly leaves the city never to be found out by this boy.  She still keeps wondering, how this boy must be  doing?”  

In the meantime when she was going through a lot of trouble she finds a man of her  dreams (well, that is what she thought initially) only to be lied by this so called Angel, who now becomes a “character artist” and the “hero” becomes a villain. Because he has been troubling her for quite some time now. In the mean time, (again) since the character artist lied to her she dumps him. And moves on to another city (as mentioned before) and again in her …( to be cont…as end is not yet known) 


Sometimes I wish to know my future and I wish if I could change it if it was tragic.  

Songs…humming in my mind…well…”Pyar ko Pyar hi rehne do koi naam na do” 

Why Why Why??? I always trust people so easily. I hate this habit and why am I so EMOTIONAL. Always believing in fairy tale stories. Well,  “And they lived happily ever after…happens only in Fairy Tales and who would not love to live happily ever after. After all it is happiness that we all are running after. A dialogue that comes to my mind now, from the film Bawarchi,”It is so simple to be happy but so difficult to be simple”. The answer to this statement is, people do not want simple things , they tend to complicate everything for you. And apart from being happy we also tend to look for Approval and acceptance. Because it gives us respect, admiration, recognition and acknowledgment.  It gives us a sense of community and belonging. Man after all is a social animal, and he would invariably look for society and to live in a society he would do conformist things to avoid controversy.  

Well  there I go again…as usual..kaha ki baat kaha leke aa gai… 

Hmm….feels good..feels like heaven…and I wish it turns out to be true coz I really really want it this time…Please


One thought on “Deviate

  1. Im not sure many will agree with me, but the way I see it, Everytime I approach a situation expecting a particular outcome, I get disappointed!

    Im a bit more happier than before mainly coz I havent been expecting any outcome and living life by the moment. Theres always good things in life that are yet to come.

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