Bas Ek Pal

I am so inspired by the writings of Paolo Coelho.  As he rightly says, we hurriedly want to grow up and then we keep talking about our childhood. We  make ourselves sick in the rush to earn money and then we spend the money to cure that ill ness. We live as if we will never die and we die as if we never lived…so true…this writing has inspired me so much that I now want to cherish each and every  moment. 

Life always has been a great teacher for me and off late I have started believing that life is so unpredictable that it is best lived unplanned…each moment spent as if it were your last. I am truly inspired by his “Veronica decides to die” .  How would you live if you come to know that you only had few more days to live? 

Probably this is how I would live… 

 I would spend 24 hours from that balance pretending as if I were married to my soul mate.  

Moment spent in doing nothing at all, just sitting by the window, looking at children play.Moment spent playing with my dog. Moment spent in making dinner for my mom and dad and sipping wine with dad. Listening to old songs with my dad and probably listening to the tapes where he recorded my and my brother’s voice when we were really small.  I would also spend a moment to write a letter of “Thank You” for each person who holds a special place in  my life. One moment spent watching a Hrishikesh Mukherjee flick and laughing and rolling at the “Carry on series”.  One moment spent on telling my crush that I have fallen for him without feeling ashamed.  One moment spent at abusing that girl I so dislike.  

One moment spent in solitude, one moment spent with the crowd, one moment spent with the gathering and one moment spent with God. One moment spent with myself. One moment with nothing at all.  

One moment pretending to be someone’s mother, someone’s daughter-in-law.  

One moment thinking about how would people’s life be when I am gone? 

One moment, right now… 

As I write this post, I am still thinking about doing something in the future if I had known that I have just few more days to live and who knows may be I really have few more days to live but I still cant live for the moment because as long as I have hope I know I would continue to live in the future. Dreaming, planning, and moving on… 



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