How we F####d the Dosa

After having read our ordeal with Chhole Bhature, and our reasons to fuck the Idli. Its time we tell you how do we fuck their “dosa” and you guessed the reason right. Dosa, by the way itself is a fucked up food, I mean , with mashed potato inside it is already screwed so re-fucking it would mean gang raping it. But who cares, if they can mess with our food we can mess with theirs with double the blow. And this time , they messed it with our poor aloo ka parantha…This is how, they did it… Sanjukta and Constant Motion were really hungry, so they decided to have aloo ka parantha as all the food out lets were closed as Bangalore goes snoozing at 10 pm , so we again were beggars without any choice but to order it from this restaurant. Now, tell me one thing, what would you call a bag made up of refined floor filled with mashed yellow potato, fried and all loose like an old woman’s skin. Well, they call it “Aloo Parantha” but I would rather call it an Udder filled with potato” So now its time for ashes to ashes and dust to dust. So here is the plan:- Step 1. Get Masala Dosa from Anna’s restaurant. Carefully un-roll the Dosa and scrap out the Aloo and keep aside. Step 2. Take a Tawa and put butter and let it smoke. Place the Dosa and let it become crispy brown on both the sides. Once done, remove and sprinkle some kewra flavor. Step 3. on the same tava, now put butter, fry tej patta, badi ilaichi, laung, jeera, hing, kali mirch and then fry chopped onion, lots of garlic, ginger and tomato. Once its fried well, put Kasoori Methi, Deghi Mirch, Kashmiri Mirch, Boiled Chhole, Paneer, saffron Water and all the known north Indian spices that you can possibly think of (you can also take the help pf online encyclopedia for this sadistic pleasure). Fry everything well. Then put the Dosa Aloo and fry for 5 min. Step 4. Now spread this masala on that crispy fried dosa that you had kept aside. Generously sprinkle kajoo, kishmish, kesar, dhania leaves, pudina leaves on it and also cover it with silver foil. Step 5. And Still call it a DOSA and argue with a south Indian about its authenticity.


7 thoughts on “How we F####d the Dosa

  1. Good sense of humour! Pretty good writing skills too! How do you manage to write so well? I bet you must be an idli or a dosa. For you see, those blokes up there, beyond the Vindhyas don’t know their elbow from their ar##! What say? Or, by any chance are you one of those alu-matar-or whatever fart inducing stuff? Naaaah! ???

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