Gawd I talk too much

I think I talk too much that’s why even if I speak to you everyday I am still writing to you. But the funniest part is, till about 21 years of age I was a total introvert. I would just not speak and remain a silent spectator most of the time. And now, people get tired of my cont. talking and still there is so much to talk about. 

Talk about life in general, about general chitchats. It serves no purpose, come to think of it but you know it helps in keeping in touch and establishing connectivity.  

General chitchats over a cup of coffee, with friends…with a sleepy dog by your side, with a book carelessly lying by your side which you were reading before your friends barged in your home. And your mom also once in a while, coming out of the kitchen and catching up with you friends. A news channel running on mute in the background. And you can hear (and not listen) the soft sounds of traffic far away…children playing in the near by park and all these sounds are overpowered by your own laughter. You are laughing at a silly joke of your friend and you laugh so hard that your eyes start watering.  

Its late evening now, and all friends are sitting in the terrace, everyone is silent but everyone is talking to each other in that silence without uttering any word. The friendship has become so strong over the years that you need not speak with audible languages. Suddenly someone starts to sing and he keeps forgetting the words of the song, you realize it is one of you favorite songs and there are so many memories attached to this song. You also start singing along and the rest of the gang joins in. There is Abhishek (Imaginary name) who always moves around with a guitar, starts playing it, Priyankya (imaginary name) knows how to play a mouthorgan. You immediately rush to the old almirah where your dad’s old mouthorgan is kept which no one uses now but you still have kept it carefully tucked in the almirah because it is your dad’s. while you had gone down to get the mouthorgan you realize there are 2 friends following you and they are struggling with the music system which they plan to put in the terrace. One carries the system the other carries the speaker, and one of them is shouting and calling another friends name so that he would come down to get the extension cord. But everyone is lazing. No one wants to come down leaving the breezy terrace behind. So you know it is you who would have to get the extension cord also. While you are searching for it in a dusty corner there is a large big thump sound in the kitchen, it is Amit (imaginary name) who is a voracious eater and is also absent minded. Your friends are so familiar with you house that you need not even tell them which thing is kept where but since Amit is absent minded he just cant figure out where are the things kept. So you help him get the snacks and also make some tea for everyone.  

Finally the stage is set, with tea, breeze, snacks, partners in crime who you call friends, small potted plants around, and your stupid dog, who came to the terrace hearing all that noise. Everyone is sitting on a chatai, with tea cups which are all of diff shapes and sizes, and the craziest of them all starts to play dhinchak music and all of us scream , “NOOOOOOOOO”…..and you yell at him, “put the volume down. You would wake mom up, idiot”.  Then you sleet the music on popular demand. One by one, you play sufi, qawalli, country, techno, classical, semi classical, even bhajans. You also play and sing along classics from 40’s to 70’s of Hindi cinema.  

Seema and Prashant (who are now dating) get all senti and start dancing. Seeing them , Abhi (imaginary name) recites a very poor shairy that he read in a Blue Line bus. We all burst out in laughter. Then we get in the groove, we all turn by turn, start reciting our own creative writing, prose and poetry, which now is becoming serious. We now move to much serious writings of  the famous writers and poets known to us.  

Snigdha (Imaginary name) thought, the environment is getting all too serious, so she starts reciting a “Hasya Kavita” which as usual is silly but still people again burst out in laughter. Gradually, the laughter subsides and friends start chitchatting again., slowly falling off to sleep.  The cups are lying everywhere, with lil bit of tea left in them, the CD covers piling over each other. Your dog just peed in one of the potted plants which your dadu had planted. The red light is blinking indicating that the Music System is still on. You cant hear the children play anymore, the sound of the traffic is also very negligible. It is still breezy in the August night with full moon covered in urchin clouds. You also start to fall asleep as you focus on the face of this special friend who you have started liking a lot off late. 


I want to spend one evening just like this with friends and this is how I spent so many of my evenings in
Delhi. I so much feel like coming back.  Though, “kuchh paatra aur ghatnai kalpanic hai”

Thanks for reading. And Gawd, I talk sooo much..


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