Something I wrote on Valentine

Love like happiness,  is a state of mind. It is when our mothers cook us hot dinner even when she is down with Flu. It is when our fathers hold our hand and our school bags and drop us to school on a rainy day missing his important appointment. It is when your best friend pretends to forget your birthday and arranges the best birthday party for you. It is when your brother buys you a rakhi gift with his meagre pocket money and when your lil sister becomes partners in crime in stealing biscuits from the cookie jar tucked carefully in a corner for the guests. Love is when your husband goes through all your tantrums and still does not mind going through another round of it. It is when your wife, sips the hot coffee to taste the sugar so that she could give you the perfect cup of it when you come home tired.  Love is when your dog licks you all over even after you have not fed it for the whole day. Love is when your pet becomes a family member. Love is when your Granny oils your hair in the winter sun and love is when your Grandpa teaches you how to ride a cycle.

Love is just not about being in love. Its about caring, sincerely. And its also about letting the loved ones know that you are there for them, no matter what.


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