My Friends


When He sent me to my mothers lap

I grew up too fast to raise my hand

With which I held my dad’s fingers

His touch and his scent still lingers

With tiny hands and trying feet

I kept growing till the lap became too small

And the grip of his fingers too lose

I was sent to a world full of strangers

And mom dad called it a school

I grew up and fell in love

I failed and I fell

I got up but with bruises

A broken heart, a broken marriage,

A shattered motherhood

A dead ego and self doubt

I was covered with dust and no one knew it was me

In that strange world

I found a stranger

Who grew up with me, and,  

As a friend who was just known to me

20 years is a long time

To make a child a woman

And it took 20 years for God

To bring us close.

I found my lost friend

At the time of despair

She stood by my ordeal

My freedom and till I got back my zeal.

She became the reason

And the means

For me to connect with some wonderful people

People I never knew existed

People just like me

People with courage and fire in the belly

Who tell stories of determination

Stories of acceptance

Stories of non stop life after a disappointment.

Stories which Aneehsa Myles have

Of confidence and independence

Of giving un-conditionally

Stories of Hitesh-which re-confirms

The non-conformist’s idea of survival

Of rooted to the ground while gazing the stars

Stories of Chhota Amit

Of Aggression and Honesty

Of Initiative and being undisguised

Stories of so many

Ordinary, extra-ordinary

Names of people, who matter

And of those who do not.

Stories of Abhishek

In whom I found a caring

Younger brother

Stories of Ramit, who I always consulted

Stories of people who live a weird life

I am at a loss of words

Because I can not thank God enough

To have given a chance to re-live

Life with hope and smile

To stand up for myself with respect and pride

And in the process meeting interesting lives

 For the ability to love everyone and for His generosity

For being loved in return by all of you

My friends when we care

My foes when we fight

My inspiration sometimes

My chance to be surprised

For the lessons learned and for

The lessons un-learned

For the disappointments forgotten

And for the memories and stories

Which I would share with my and your

Grand children J

It is not a thank you note

It is just a way of saying

You all matter


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