Copy Right on I.P.

 Right on II don’t like this. I don’t even know if I should be writing all this here or not but on second thought, this is my blog and my outlet to emotions which I otherwise cant express. I feel as if I am this silly duplicate of some Ashwarya Rai, doing stunts for her. The public would think that its Ashwarya Rai but the Director, Ashwarya Rai and I would know the truth. I mean the stunts are real, but Ashwarya gets the credit because its her body double after all. I want to scream and say, I hate being unoriginal. And I know I am original its just that someone got the idea before I could speak or implement. And one request to all of you, in case this sounds familiar to you please don’t come back to me saying that your so and so had already done that said that. Feels like been there done that, you are just wasting time dudette. You may be nice, and you may have been nicer, but my ideas are mine. What I say or do is WHAT I SAY OR DO. You just got lucky because you had the benefit of time. Thank God Buddha came to my rescue and said, “May be you are a great mind that came in this world a little later.” And, “Our ideas are never original. We do and think what ever we have been fed on”. How true Ending this post on one request, please don’t compare me with your Ex’s or your Current one’s. I aren’t your Ex don’t want to be one either. Don’t see me as this mirror image of those. Please. I am sleepy and have got distracted.


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