Daily Archives: June 25, 2007

Bhai:- The Brother

My brother is the funniest man in my life after my dad.  As small children, I remember playing all silly games with him. Two of the most popular games being “Gymnastic” “Gymnastic” and the other being “Wrestling” “Wrestling”. 

By the way, let me tell you my brother and I were arch rivals because he was born after 6 years of me getting all the undivided attention from my parents which got a little misbalanced once he came to our family. This reminds me of a forward that Aneesha had sent me once, with the subject line, “Notes to God by children”. This reminds me of one particular note which I so much relate to, “ God, thank you for the baby brother but I think you got confused. I asked for a puppy instead”. Well, I don’t remember if I had asked for a puppy but am sure a puppy would definitely have been a lot better than an irritating brother who would get beaten up by the other boys only to be saved by me, Oh, another thing, I had been the savior of my arch rival on many occasions.  

So as I was saying, we used to play these games. Now, typically you all have seen Gymnastics, the event that we all see during Olympic telecast.  So our Gymnastic was not exactly the same Gymnastic though very much like it. I would stand in a particular position and my brother would come running and hop on to me and hang on to my shoulder or cling to me like a monkey and the essence of the game would be for how long can I hold him like that and he can cling to me like that. 

The other game was even grander. Wrestling Wrestling:- Well, he would usually be the Japanese Sumo wrestler, Yokozuna or Undertaker and I would be this wrestler, I don’t remember the name, though I used to find him very handsome. And the 2 of us would wrestle with each other, free style.  

Years later when I grew up and got busy, I still saw him playing “Wrestling” “Wrestling” on his own, with a pillow. And for this solitary game, he made a special costume for getting into the skin of the character by chopping off fingers from a leather gloves, black colored, to be precise, a cape, a face mask, which he himself designed, like Spidy Part 1, and then he would keep jumping on the bed the whole day with that pillow and keep beating, punching that pillow.

That bed now has been discarded because it had lost all its 4 legs due to the barbaric jumps that my brother used to make. If I were to write the autobiography of that poor bed, it would be a heart wrenching story. Lets not get in to that. 

My brother still plays “Wrestling” Wrestling” , though my replacement Mr. Pillow, has now been replaced by our bitch Gultu. She has to bear the brunt of my 23 year old brother, who still gives her “Dhobi Pachad” and the poor animal, all that she is allowed to do is, show her canines in frustration and do “bow” “bow” She also realizes that my brother is a gone case.

Wonder what did my mother eat at the time of his delivery? 

The 3rd most popular games of all times was the “Bum pressing boat ride”.  Well, as the game suggests, you have to press the bum.

Let me tell you the rules of the game. 1st fold your legs and make your kid brother sit on your feet and he would keep his foot on your bum and the trick is to balance him while you pretend that you are a boat and he is the boat rider and there is a lot of turbulence in the water, while you are busy doing this your irritating brother keeps pressing your bums, which is usually one of the sensitive parts of your body and you keep controlling the ticklish feeling but in the end you start laughing and the boat man falls and you lose.

 All said and done, would like to know your part of childhood games and also would encourage people to play these games with the children at home off course with adult supervision, though, when it comes to me, at this age also I need adult supervision because the child in me never seems to grow.