America Born Confused Desi

American Born Confused Desi… 

Don’t really know if he was the one but hearing his accent I can safely say that may be he could be one of those call centre executives. 

All he wanted to buy was a bar of chocolate which was such  a big task.

He started with one, then decided that may be 2 would be better. Then he got confused with the flavors. “Should I go for Crackle, Dairy Milk or Fruit and Nut?”

By the way this guy was continuously calling my favorite chocolate “Fruit and Nut” as “Fruity Nut” and that is one more reason why he is the chosen bakra for my post for the day.

By the time he made his decision after numerous fumblings with chocolates, and reached to a conclusion of buying “Dairy Milk” and “Fruit and Nut”, I could see the girl at the counter was completely pissed off.  

Smiling she asked, “Sir do you want a cover?”

And our ABCD, giggles and says, “Yeah! I don’t mind.” 

And they say, only girls remain confused… 


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