Indian Super Hero:- Buddhi Maan




I have thought of an Indian super hero and his name is “Buddhi-Maan”.  Unlike Superman, he wears underwear over his dhoti (just because he is an Indian Super Hero) and unlike Superman, who takes off his specs to appear in his costume, this super hero has, believe it or not, a “Bra”.

Whenever anybody is in trouble, the person screams, “Buddhi-Maan”, and Buddhi-Maan who otherwise appears as a normal human being, would hear this man’s call.

 So “Buddhi-Maan” gets up from his workstation (He works in a Cell Phone company and is an MBA which he did with the help of his divya shakti)…so I was saying, he gets up from his seat and goes to the loo, not to pee but to take out his “Magic Bra” from his pocket and the moment he wears it, Whoosh!!! He appears (in silhouette) wearing a dhoti with chaddi and a bra.

 This super hero, by the way, is married and leads a mundane life, simply to hide his true identity (his wife does not know that he is a Super Hero):-  He looks 30 something, sports a french beard, has a paunch, wears spectacles and roams with a laptop otherwise. The laptop is actually not a laptop but his secret “Bra Case”. He hides his bra in it.

“Buddhi-Maan’s” wife, would insist on using his laptop every now and then because she does not have one of her own but “Buddhi-Maan” is a smart man so every time he would make some lame excuse so that he does not have to give his laptop aka “Bra Case” to his wife. But his wife has better IQ and hence when “Buddhi-Maan” was busy acting like a normal man in the bathroom, relieving himself, his wife opens the “Lap-Top and … (melodrama)

Dhang!!! Dhang!!! Dhang!!!

“Balaji Tele Films”

 Next Episode to the 101st Episode:-

 “Buddhi-Maan’s” wife is shocked and heartbroken, “He has been cheating on me. He has been hiding this bra all this while in this fake laptop”.

 Meanwhile, “Buddhi-Maan” comes out of the bathroom but realizes that he would soon have to rush back to the loo again as he sees his open laptop and his “Magic Bra” held tightly by his wife, who is now furious and ready to explode any time.  Poor “Buddhi-Maan” is scared for life because while getting trained to be a “Super Hero” he was never told how to handle the melodrama’s of women.   His wife screams, “You have been cheating on me. Whose are these?” “Buddhi-Maan”, “Let me explain wife, these are mine. I … His wife interrupts, “Don’t try to fool me. I know you do have a hormonal problem but it’s not that big a problem that you would have to wear a 34C Bra. Tell me honestly.”

Buddhi-Maan realizes that he is in big trouble so he applies his 6 Th sense to call his GuruJi who also happens to be his costume designer.

 In the mean time his wife packs her bag and leaves the house. Buddhi-Maan is running after her, “Wife, go wherever, you are a free bird but give me my Bra back”.  His disgusted wife throws his Bra on his face and informs, “Keep your damn Bra. Soon you would be getting the divorce papers too.

“Dhang!!! Dhang!!! Dhang!!!

“Balaji Telefilms”

Next Episode:-

Snig and Sanju are the villains of this story; they come to know that “Buddhi-Maan’s wife has left him. So they decide to milk this opportunity by kidnapping his wife for ransom.

Dhang!!! Dhang!!! Dhang!!!

“Balaji Tele Films”

Next Episode:-

The kidnapped wife continuous to scream, “Buddhi-Maan” (by the way she does not know Buddhi-Maan’s real identity) never the less she keeps screaming.

Buddhi-Maan gets to hear his wife’s call (true love effect) and he wears his Bra and Whoosh!!!!Buddhi-Maan appears in Dhoti Chaddi and Bra.

He flies horizontally in the sky (back ground music follows:-Buddhi-Maan Buddhi-Maan Buddhi-Maan, ye hai……Buddhi-Maan) and he lands vertically on the ground.

Snig and Sanju were already waiting for him.

Snig and Sanju are from the Waxing Gang. Snig’s weapon is the waxing strip and Sanju’s weapon is the Waxing knife, that’s how they kill people.  

Snig is ready with the Strip and Sanju is ready with the knife full of hot wax.  

Dhang!!! Dhang!!!Dhang!!!

“Balaji Telefilms”

Final Episode (well that’s what the people are thinking):-

Buddhi-Maan raises his hand to start flying again and that very moment Sanju with lightening speed applies the wax on “Buddhi-Maan’s” raised arm and Snig immediately waxes his arm with her strip. “Buddhi-Maan’s” worst fear of getting waxed comes true and he is waxed by the Waxing Gang girls. He faints.

Dhang!!! Dhang!!! Dhang!!!

“Balaji Tele films”

Next Episode:-

“Buddhi-Maan’s wife is all panicky seeing all this and she faints too. But she also was a super hero which she (and the viewers) did not know so she gets to hear an “akashwani” which enlightens her…

And the story continues…with humshakal, plastic surgeries, many marriages, illegitimate children…but lets not talk about all that…the TRP’s have already fallen down…

Disclaimer: – All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance with living or dead is purely incidental.


9 thoughts on “Indian Super Hero:- Buddhi Maan

  1. We so should make a YouTube movie. Let’s finish the script and make a film and then show it at BYOFF. R actig karega kya? Dhoti aur chaddi pehenna parega.. LOL

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