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Dr.Motion’s theory of evolution

Read somewhere, “Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one.”  Read on a “Out Look” magazine’s T-shirt, “You are your own opinion”.

Therefore I conclude, “You are your own asshole”

Which means, if you see 2 people kissing, it is actually 2 assholes kissings. The quest is to find which is a more amusing asshole. End of the day we all are one big asshole in the body of the big bang theory.


Moment of Truth

A place we all call home and that home has a terrace. The terrace is where you stand with a person you love a lot and you stand there to experience what I call, “A moment of truth.” 

The terrace is where someone made love under a cloudy sky, wrapped in blankets, and shivered. A terrace, where you were taken at a time when you were trying to work.  There you run with hand in hand, bare foot, jeans rolled up to avoid the hem from getting dirty, up the stairs which is  lit up by a 60 watt bulb, peeping through a cane lamp shade and some cob webs.

You run to the terrace with a childlike enthusiasm, that sound of 2 pairs of excited feet of small urchins, thumping on cement and that moment when you are being called by your mother to come down and you just don’t pay heed to that call which comes from a person who has always comforted you. You don’t listen because you are experiencing a moment, which I call, “the moment of truth.” 

Breeze, dusk, orange, grey, blue, you and that person all at the same time, some coconut trees, a crow on an antenna, a cuckoo singing, who you can hear but cant see, and a moon too, like a half eaten marshmallow, a streak of silver and a road down below where people are walking, a dog running, women gossiping, cars moving, above all this you see houses, rows after rows, with balconies and people doing something or the other. Surrounded you are with technology like a BTS and few dishes but you have consciously left your laptop and cell phone down there, where your mom must be waiting for the 2 of you with a cup of tea, may be, where your dad must be reading a newspaper and not blinking an eyelid amidst all that chaos your mom has been creating because you two are witnessing a moment called, “the moment of truth” and not paying attention to her calls. 

The clouds like an artist in the middle of his painting has swirled his paint brush in water so that he could take a brush of fresh colour to be put on his canvas. A canvas, which has grey and orange hues, in no particular order or shape but they mesmerize you. And then you listen to the call of God when the breeze whispers in your ears, making your hair drift and fall on your face.  

And there is a guitar playing with the choir group at a neighboring church and a namaz being offered at a near by mosque. You are one with God, as you look up to the sky to see him and you look down to the church and mosque and smile at the mediocre intelligence of man for having built those buildings and call it home of God, where as you know, all you need to witness is to look up, look up, look up… 

Sun sets and your “Moment of Truth” lingers, you come down, the laptop still playing some thing, don’t remember what, your cell phone has no missed call, you still bare foot, with jeans rolled up, lost in another act of God, the act of love.

Pondi Trip

Here is the Pondi trip update. The trip started with some shopping plan. Wanted to buy a pair of shorts because I and Sanjukta wanted to cycle around the city but when I saw myself in a short, I thought I might as well, stick to jeans lest they stop me from entering  a pub in Pondi because I was looking like a school girl in that silly shorts.   Never the less bought a red duffel bag. 😀 After a lot of planning, 12 of us gathered at Vinayak’s pad, well, apart from being a group administrator he also had to attend to our occasional tantrums. A nice cozy house, where we all ate fried rice and Manchurian, and I tried to feed wasabi to many people but only Sunil liked it and found it sweet. As usual I allocated jobs to various people. Vishal was the official accountant, Sunil was our official showman, Sukumar was the assistant accountant, I wanted to be the official bar tender but my talent was never really appreciated, Sanju was the official real time message twitterer which I was finding very bugging and Sukumar concluded my thoughts by saying, “Twittering is online littering.” 2 cars, 13 people…but we all were eyeing Lola.  In case you do not know who Lola is, lemme take this opportunity to tell you that Lola is our administrator, Mr. Das’s girl friend, a red Honda City.  He is head over heels in love with Lola. Vinayak, me, Sunil, Vinu, Srividya hopped on to Lola and the rest went in Qualis. Before that we all had paid 1000 each to our finance head Vishal. Srividya whispered to almost everyone, “Tomorrow is Anupama’s birthday.” And I whispered back, “Yes, and we all stop at 12 midnight to celebrate her birthday.” Everyone agreed. Usually, people do not disagree with me. 😛 We bought a cake from a cake shop near Ulsoor lake and then rolled. All through the way, Sunil was being bugged by me, as I kept pestering him to play different songs. I kept screaming, “Volume, Volume” and Sunil looked bewildered and was continuously giving blank looks to Vinayak, who was at the steering. At the back seat Vinu got beaten up by me and Srividya for no apparent reason. At 12 we stopped and waited for the Qualis to reach. In the meantime, we decorated the cake with jeera (yes you read it right “jeera” means cumin seeds) which Vinu had got. As soon as the Qualis arrived I ran towards it and told Vishal and Danny to carry Anupama to the cake which they were too scared to do.  After the cake cutting ceremony and usual photos I smeared cake all over Anupama and got the taste of my own medicine from her. The ha-ha hee hee continued for 20 minutes then we started again. We heard, the Qualis guys had beer also (Sanju will talk about it later) and we, the Lola gang,  had jelly beans again thanks to Vinu. L The blaring music continued and it started raining all of a sudden when I asked Sunil to pull over. We all stood in the rain for 10 minutes and I and Vinayak ran in the rain. After sometime, we had tea at a local road side dhaba.  In the mean time we received a call from the Qualis guys that their tyre is punctured and that we need to wait. My reaction was, “Stepny nahi hai kya? Stepni lagao aur chal pado, ismei tension karne ka kya hai.” Morning we reached ECR beach to catch the sunrise while the Qualis guys were far behind us and they had to be far behind us after all we were at 150 to 160 km/hour. 5 of us started walking towards the beach and saw how it is to be a part of community beach side potty collective.  Ok, lemme put it straight, people  and potty, that’s all we could see for some time then we kept walking towards the other end of the beach till we found a clean stretch.  Sunil had gone missing with his machine and  Srividya was taking care of our belongings while, Vinayak, Vinu and I were playing in the sea like some 5 year old.  Before all this I had become a little philosophical at the sight of sun rise. By the time we were done, hunger pangs had already started to knock on our stomach lining and we were frantically searching for food but in vain. Saw the Qualis arriving, and found all sleepy heads coming out of the Qualis one by one.  After a lil chitchat we started again and stopped at a small time eating place, had idlis, sambhar, poori, chutney and suddenly I saw a bullock cart, I had to run towards it, as if the bulls were calling me so that I could hop on to them. I just had to do it.  Took a small ride on that bullock cart and again started for Youth Hostel of Pondicherry. The Qualis guys had already reached the dormitory and were relaxing. After a shower we decided to have breakfast and I went outside the hostel and stumbled upon a small tea shop who had a hotelier friend who could understand Hindi. So the process was, the chai wala calls the hotel wala, the hotel wala then call the PCO number which the chai wala has and then I place my order in hindi. Ok Process complete, results awaited. 30 minutes after, parantha and sambhar gets delivered for the hungry souls and before that I carry 12 cups of tea on an aluminum tray which almost burnt my fingers.  After  all khana shana, I had to return the tray to the chai wala as he had kept 51 bucks as security for it. Confusion begins:- We all want to do different things. Sanju and I stare at “ground zero” read Ayan, who was blabbering something. We wanted to cycle, some wanted to take pictures, we also wanted to party. Vinayak was given the task to find out about a place where we could party whole night. Seeing all this chaos, 2 strange looking men arrive in on their bikes as God’s messenger to our call, with an invitation to some party which had all that we needed plus French girls. Ok now, this looked like a shady party to me and I was not really interested in going to a party where I will be hooked up with a French girl.  After lot of brain storming in the hot humid sun, we started moving here and there.  Finally, like an oasis in the desert, spotted Promenade, a restro bar, to our rescue. Went inside but again the chaos continued, “to be or not to be, that is the question.”  Meanwhile, our super enthusiastic man, Sunil Kumar wanted to check out this funky place, but was a little skeptical in expressing himself amidst all the chaos. So I see him, coming and leaning over and asking me, “lets check the lounge.” And like partners in crime, the 2 of us sneaked out, leaving all the chaos behind at the mercy of the Moderators, Sanjukta and Vinayak. 😛 Upon entering the lounge, I induced greed in Sunil’s mind, “Sunil yaar eke k beer maarke ke chalet hai.” And like I had mentioned before, people usually do not disagree with me, so we rest ourselves on the bar stools and decided to have Vodka instead. We had just placed our order and I see Mr. Das entering the scene with a hopeful look in his eyes, as if he has seen God. 😛   The cocktails went on for sometime, and Sanjukta felt all dejected and left in lurch by her school time buddy that’s me. She took charge and managed with the rest of the gang. The sinners along with Vinu and Lavanya had our lunch at Rendezvous while the non-sinners ate at Madame Shanty. Then we went to Auroville, which was already closed, after that to a beach again, photographers took a lot of pictures, Sanju twittered, I again went in water with Sukumar, Vishal.  Later we decided to sin more, so all sinners, read, me, Vinayak, Sanju, Sunil, Danny , Ayan hopped on to Lola while the non-sinners were sent in Qualis to look for a restaurant where we could have dinner. We sinned (censored) laughed like crazy and had dinner till late night. Later that night, Ayan, me, Vinayak, Sanju, we all sat on the terrace of the Hostel and talked, giggled while a song from the film Guide kept playing in the back ground. Next day, the photographers were missing when I woke up. They had gone for sunrise. So Vishal, Sukumar, Sanju, Vinayak and me, we lazed around, fought with pillows. Before that Vinayak and I went to that chai shop had cake and chai. The breakfast was at Promenade with rounds of cocktails. Later, we danced inside the restaurant and were called “Polar Beer” by Ayan. Evening we went to see a Jetty, and on returning I saw an old uncle on a lady’s cycle, so I had to run after him. There is this freak side of me which may shock many. So I ran after him, “Uncle, Uncle Uncle…..(he stopped) huff!! Huff!!, Uncle I want your cycle.” Uncle replies, ‘But I can not work without my cycle.” Ok now this was an insult. Uncle may have thought that I probably will take his cycle never to come back to him again. But then I explained  that I wanted to cycle but could not find any cycle so I wanted his  cycle to cycle. Sanjukta also joined hands with me. I went to a point and she rode back. Since I was cycling after more than 15 years, I forgot to put the breaks and I thought what if I keep going on, it would have looked like a Piyadarshan film. Me on a cycle, Sanju running after me, Vinayak with lady’s purse in his hands running after Sanju and that Uncle running after Vinayak for his bi-cycle. But that plan did not work, you see I am too humble a soul to do that.  Evening we started for or return journey, Lola had her admirers all over her. But the chosen ones got to sit inside. Sunil, Vinayak, me, Sanju and Sukumar. Stopped at a place for dinner, had boiled eggs from a road side vendor. In the meantime, Sanju lost her cell phone, (it was a pseudo loss actually) and had gone berserk, seeing all this Sunil and Vinayak got scared and stopped talking, while Sukumar was bearing the brunt of Sanju’s constant cribbing. I was acting like this kewl chick who has seen it all, have done it all..Sanju kept crying, “Waaaa…waaa..waaaa” and I was laughing at her and interrupted, “lets have beer”. “Hum jaise dost ho to dushman ki kya zarurat hai.”  After 30 minutes of holding everyone by the noose, she says, “guys, I just remember that I had kept my phone in my camera pouch. I have not lost it.” After that, rest is history, she got beaten up by me.  The guys had bullet beer and Sanju played the DJ, while I, Sukumar, Vinayak danced like crazy. I screamed at every 5 minutes, “Volume, Volume, Volume” Sunil drove at 150 km/ hour.  We all behaved like hooligans, lost our way somewhere in Chennai. Found our way back. Stopped at a road side joint again, had goat brain, beer and tea made from cow milk, freshly milked from a sleepy cow.  Later I felt asleep in the car, while the rest of the gang kept singing, screaming, shouting..we reached at 6:30 am and crashed at Vinayak’s place. The Qualis gang had reached way before us.  I went back to sleep, woke at 8, and left for my home. This was the story from my side. I am sure each one of you would have a different version.  Letsgo and BWS trip to Pondi has been like merger of the equals. Would like to listen to each one of you  about your experience. And lastly thanks to Sunil, Anupama, Srividya, Vinayak, Danny, Ayan, Vinu, Lavanya, Tanmay, Vishal, Sukumar for bearing with our hooliganism, tantrums and eccentricity. Believe me, I have found some really great friends in you people.Ok lemme stop now, am getting all senti 😀 Please put your pictures too J   

Alleppey Trip

My Favorite SportHow does it feel to be one of the leading men of Dil Chata Hai?

How nice would it be if Amir Khan can be replaced by Sunil, Saif Ali Khan can be replaced by Ritesh and Akshay Khanna can be replaced by Vinayak? How would it be to replace Goa with Alleppey?

What does the scene make you feel when you see all the leading men, cruising away lazily in a small boat in Goa, laughing, screaming and enjoying their moments of silence.

How does it feel to have not just 3 leading men in Dil Chahta Hai, but 16 rock stars starring in the BWS productions called, “Camera Chahta hai?”

The star cast (In no particular order) with their introduction:-

Lenish:- A programmer by profession. Quiet and focused you can occasionally see him smile with some thing going on in his mind which you would try to figure out but would not be able to.

Sanjay:- Loves to eat and sleep. Our Official accountant for the trip.

FreeBird:- Well, The captain of the ship.

 Kosha:- Apple of everyone’s eyes.

 Ritesh:- Well, you can safely call him Saif Ali Khan of this film, “Camera Chahta Hai” for his always amused and confused glances.

Sabeena:- The iron lady who has gone to Leh trip and made friends with another amazing woman named Lakshmi

Ashish:- Another Leh trekker and a focused photographer.

Sunil:- The rock star and our official showman.

Nitin:- Has gone biking to Leh

Mochi:- A hard core trekker

Hakim:- An Olympic swimmer

Lijo:- The quietest guy. Arul:- The one with handle bar moustache.

Vinayak:- The Ring Leader

Snigdha:- An intruder

Story (from Snigdha’s eyes):- Snigdha gets to know from Vinyak that there is a trip to Kerala for the Snake Boat race event. She had always wanted to go to Kerala and how much she had wanted to be a part of this BWS trip but tickets were booked already so she stood no chance. 2 days after, she gets to hear that someone has dropped out of the plan and she can step in to the role of Ruchira Talukdar. All happy and merry she packs her bag and goes to Majestic for her Volvo to Kerala.

It was the 10th of Aug and around 5 pm when she reaches the bus stop along with Vinayak, she sees herself surrounded by 14 strangers flashing their gadgets. She also was carrying her small earnest humble Sony cyber shot gadget which was kept in some corner of her Adidas sports bag.

After the usual round of introduction, we hopped on to our bus and started our journey. The journey itself was quite eventful with Lenish playing the agony uncle for the bus conductor then asking me to choose one film to be shown in the bus for public entertainment. I honored every one by choosing the film Hungama but did not watch it myself.

After a quick dinner at around 9, we were settling down to catch some sleep when suddenly the whole bus of was filled with astonishingly crazy sock stench. I screamed and then sprayed my body spray all over.

My co-passenger was the leader of the pack Mr. Das, with whom I had a nice chat till 1 am and then I decided to put myself into a hibernation state however, destiny had something else planned. The moment I folded my legs up the chair to catch 40 winks, Lenish, who was sitting in front me gradually started to move backwards and I saw myself getting folded like a piece of paper all crimpled and twisted to be sent away somewhere. I screamed again, and that startled Lenish who realized that he was almost on the verge of wringing me to a fracture.

Next Day:- The journey seemed to be never ending. But then all bad things come to an end so this tiring bus journey also came to an end and we saw Mr. Varghese, our official care taker come owner of the home stay waiting for our reception. Mr. Varghese, a nice gentleman, with lot of warmth, helped us get auto rickshaws till his abode while I hopped on to his scooter and scooted with him as a pillion rider. It was fun.

The home stay was impressive. A huge house and a small puppy which eats only meat and the rest of the time only sleeps, this is what greeted us followed by Mrs. Varghese, who showed us our rooms. The living room was huge with a small pond kind of a thing in the middle with pebbles to store rain water.

We all hurriedly got ready as we were getting late for the boat race and we were planning to occupy strategic positions for photography. Auto drive back to our boat and breakfast on the top of the roof which consisted Appam and chicken curry. We all burped in chorus.

We reached the place where the boat race was to take place and parked ourselves. Cheered for many teams. Ashish hopped on to another more impressive boat, and his camera worked as a passport to use more luxurious boat as his “place to be” for the time being.

I was almost looking like a headless chicken, not able to decide what should I do as everyone was clicking away as if there was no tomorrow and I with my baby camera was thinking its no point all of us taking the same photographs. Never the less, I was enjoying the sport when I suddenly happened to see the boat parked next to our boat indulging in my favorite sport which is “gluttony.” I mean just imagine, lunch served on banana leaves, in the middle of water surrounded by cheering crowd. It was too irresistible. So I followed my instinct and jumped into their boat and asked them if I could also eat? And I was served a local lunch of rice, beef, curd and cabbage sabzi and it was fun. I was then joined by Vinayak and Sanjay in that feast. Someone offered us Johney Walker also, which we refused.

Our amusement got a double doze of awe, when we saw couple of boats getting capsized and the boatmen hanging on to the boats and floating along.

The evening was filled with lot of gupshup with our boat man. Who was is favorite hero, and how does one get a license to boat etc.

Ritesh and I were very much interested in the mechanism of how a boat runs and wanted to maneuver the boat but had to satisfy ourselves by blowing horns.

The late evening was a party time, at the home stay, with beef starters, and Lenish making drinks for us. Gradually we all started coming out with our confession stories which went on till late night interrupted by a tasty dinner of duck, rice, dal , fish etc.

The next morning again started at 5 am as many of us wanted to take sunrise photos. But by the time we reached, the sun was already out.

The 2nd days vehicle for the photo bugs was a house boat which had an upper deck with a hammock. The hammock was never available, that’s a different story though. Every time it was proving comfort to someone or the other’s backside. While the others where kept busy by the boat man to maintain balance and hence most of time we were running from one side to the other to maintain the balance. But it was a small price to pay keeping in mind what was coming ahead.

I was helpless in the hands of my freak streak and I sat next to the boat man and took control over the steering wheel while he controlled the accelerator. I was getting into the groove and started humming something when all of a sudden we were all startled by a strange sound which sounded like Bon Jovi singing in Kanada or may be kanadiga accent. The strange sound was coming out of a huge man’s mouth who had his ears blocked with I Pod and eyes closed to reality, it was none other than our rock star, Sunil singing along to a Bon Jovi song.

Looking at our baffled faces, Sunil got very hurt and he went to the other side of the boat and started singing there only to shock the hell out of this French couple who looked equally strange. 8:30 a.m. we stopped at a place where we could get fermented coconut water, or local beer called Toddi. We purchased about 12 liters and drank 8 liters, we displayed our gentlemanliness by offering Toddy to this couple who liked it too.

Turn by turn, we rowed a small fisherman’s boat in the back water after the Toddy shot. The breakfast was Tapioca and fish curry, Dosa and vegetable curry. After a late breakfast we all went to the upper Deck were Sunil again sang a kannada song and this time I recorded his song which now is my ring tone. Sabeena and Lakshmi in her bandana were lost in their own world while, Lenish and Arul lazed near each other wondering how can they make things more happening for them selves.

People again went down in the fields for pictures while Vinayak and I kept on blabbering about different things with Nitin’s snoring in the background.

Later we all went to a safe back water shore, where we all did chap chap in water, some swimming competition and lastly Sunil’s summersault after we saw a water snake.

 Lunch was again, chicken, fish fry, rice, vegetables etc and after that hearty lunch, when I was still chewing my food, I saw this boat man running and screaming something in Malayalam and then we hear a thudthudthud sound….

Apparently, our house boat had met with an accident with a tree which resulted in a ripped open wall in one of the rooms Thankfully no one hurt and the irony was a small sticker on that wall which read, something like Jesus saves…I don’t remember it correctly.

In the evening we came back to our home stay then got ready and went to Alleppey beach where again I waved my freak flag by flying kite, cutting 2 kites. I was later joined by Sanjay. Poor Mochi, Lenish, Hakim were given the most boring job of the world which is to keep a vigil on other people’s luggage.

The photo bugs in the meantime took a lot of pictures. Now it was time for us to say tata to Alleppey. So we went to the station, ate strange snacks, had tea and boarded our train. Blabbered many things, next morning bid goodbyes and went home with some amazing memories some of which are captures in frames.

Mr. Vhargese Home Stay Details:- Blue Bird Tours Finishing Point, Alleppey Mob:-09349838067 Aprox per Head cost:-2500/-

15 Aug event update

The 15th Aug event went really well. Executed by 7 of us, Ram, Sridhar, Vinayak, Supriy, Sudarshan, Ayan and me.  We distributed more than 20 pair of clothes to construction workers, road side hawkers, flower seller etc and then gave away the rest of the clothes to a blind school at Indra Nagar.

Now the further plan is to start a group for like minded people who will do something like this once in every month may be. Will let you know once that’s done


Had gone to see the David Dhawan flick “Partner” and I must say, it’s a complete paisa vasool movie. One point of caution though from my side, which is, do not try to find logic in the movie. Enjoy it only if you want a stress buster. 

This post however, is not a movie review but an attempt to appreciate the change in the Indian cinema that I have been observing.  It started with HumTum, (well that’s one movie that I distinctly remember) by the young director Kunal Kohli. It talked about widow remarriage and also that, marriage is not important all the time  for women as it is always made to believe. The 2nd point being, pre marital sex and no hoopla created about it in the movie where the next morning is usually filled with guilt.  It also showed late marriage of a career oriented woman as a matter of fact.  The hero, was not stereotyped as a macho man, rather was shown as any other guy helping his mother as a wedding planner, and also working as a cartoonist. 

The 2nd movie, that I can think of is Black, where a girl half the Hero’s age wants to experience sexual fulfillment and it was handled with so much sensitivity. The movie Fanaa also showed, the heroine as a single mother and pre marital sex.  

Coming to Partner, one of the heroine is shown again as a single mother, successful and glamorous. No questions asked about her past , no justifications given. Honestly, I liked this part of the story a lot. It kind of makes me feel happy that we are moving and progressing and leaving the clichéd virgin heroines far behind along with the stereotyped gender specific roles. Salaam Namaste showed the hero as a Chef to quote another example. 

I feel that people in the media have a greater responsibility to empower the people with knowledge and not associate sexuality with morality because motherhood, and sexuality is as normal as being hungry and looking for food. This brings me to another event that I was a part of , which is the Film Festival that I attended by the name, “Films of Desire.” It dealt with issues like homosexuality, transvestites and pedophilia. A must watch for everyone who believe that sex and desire has nothing to do with moral values as long as there is a willing partner and as long as there is no hurt, cheating or force involved. I know my point of view is debatable and am open to debate. 

Coming back to the responsibility that media should be taking up, another point that I have to make here is that the media is important for democracy and it’s a part of our freedom of speech however, no matter how much the competition is justified, I see no justification when the media just goes about telling and showing anything which may convey a wrong message. This also raises a finger at our censor board which censors everything that it considers sexually explicit or which may create an unrest however, when the TV serials based on court scenes, rape cases, or saas bahu fights are shown on TV giving all sorts of wrong information, I see no reason why the censor board should not ban these serials.

 I remember seeing one of the episodes of Kyoki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bhau thi, where a rape victim is shown being pictured in the newspaper. Now any ignorant person may think that this is how the law and order functions where as the truth is the identity of the rape victim is always protected and one can not go about putting her pictures in the newspaper.  

I wish the censor board stops all those films, serials and advertisements which gives wrong information to an already ignorant population and start promoting films which are progressive in nature.   

15th Aug In Bangalore

15th Aug is when we complete 60 years of our independence and this year me and my friends have decided to do something on that day rather than sitting at home and enjoying it as any other holiday.
We have decided to meet at Indra Nagar CMH road, outside Cafe Coffee Day on 15th Aug 2007 from 10 a.m. onwards and we have thought of distributing clothes, stationary etc to people who would need them.
There would be carton boxes kept there where you can come and put in your used but wearable clothes, pencils, pens, note books, etc which we would be distributiing among people.
This is a very small gesture that we have decided to do and I look forward to all support from all of you without which we may not succeed. Hence, requesting each one of you to spare some time, so that you can come in and drop your stuffs which you think someone needy can use. Also, please forward this email to as many people you know and as many network and mailing groups that you are part of so that we have a lot of participation.
Thanks for whatever effort you can put in