Had gone to see the David Dhawan flick “Partner” and I must say, it’s a complete paisa vasool movie. One point of caution though from my side, which is, do not try to find logic in the movie. Enjoy it only if you want a stress buster. 

This post however, is not a movie review but an attempt to appreciate the change in the Indian cinema that I have been observing.  It started with HumTum, (well that’s one movie that I distinctly remember) by the young director Kunal Kohli. It talked about widow remarriage and also that, marriage is not important all the time  for women as it is always made to believe. The 2nd point being, pre marital sex and no hoopla created about it in the movie where the next morning is usually filled with guilt.  It also showed late marriage of a career oriented woman as a matter of fact.  The hero, was not stereotyped as a macho man, rather was shown as any other guy helping his mother as a wedding planner, and also working as a cartoonist. 

The 2nd movie, that I can think of is Black, where a girl half the Hero’s age wants to experience sexual fulfillment and it was handled with so much sensitivity. The movie Fanaa also showed, the heroine as a single mother and pre marital sex.  

Coming to Partner, one of the heroine is shown again as a single mother, successful and glamorous. No questions asked about her past , no justifications given. Honestly, I liked this part of the story a lot. It kind of makes me feel happy that we are moving and progressing and leaving the clichéd virgin heroines far behind along with the stereotyped gender specific roles. Salaam Namaste showed the hero as a Chef to quote another example. 

I feel that people in the media have a greater responsibility to empower the people with knowledge and not associate sexuality with morality because motherhood, and sexuality is as normal as being hungry and looking for food. This brings me to another event that I was a part of , which is the Film Festival that I attended by the name, “Films of Desire.” It dealt with issues like homosexuality, transvestites and pedophilia. A must watch for everyone who believe that sex and desire has nothing to do with moral values as long as there is a willing partner and as long as there is no hurt, cheating or force involved. I know my point of view is debatable and am open to debate. 

Coming back to the responsibility that media should be taking up, another point that I have to make here is that the media is important for democracy and it’s a part of our freedom of speech however, no matter how much the competition is justified, I see no justification when the media just goes about telling and showing anything which may convey a wrong message. This also raises a finger at our censor board which censors everything that it considers sexually explicit or which may create an unrest however, when the TV serials based on court scenes, rape cases, or saas bahu fights are shown on TV giving all sorts of wrong information, I see no reason why the censor board should not ban these serials.

 I remember seeing one of the episodes of Kyoki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bhau thi, where a rape victim is shown being pictured in the newspaper. Now any ignorant person may think that this is how the law and order functions where as the truth is the identity of the rape victim is always protected and one can not go about putting her pictures in the newspaper.  

I wish the censor board stops all those films, serials and advertisements which gives wrong information to an already ignorant population and start promoting films which are progressive in nature.   


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