Now I see you online.

I have a friend and the friend has a father, the father is a retired government official and the official loves to chat on G Talk in English, chatting is a new sport for him and he is still learning the rules of the game and that is why he does not know the internet chat lingo that is in use.

Thus he writes, “ I have been told by your mother that you needed to talk to me about your tax calculation for financial year 2008. Tell me how can I help?”

 Dr. Motion’s prediction for year 2008, when all government employees shall become chat savvy.

There would come a new internet chat lingo that will read like as under:- 

Mr. Sharma G Talk’s Status message: Greetings from Mr. Sharma, IAS, Maharashtra Cadre, 1972 Gold Medalist   

Mr. Sharma  I here by log in to inquire the wellbeing of my daughter, Ms Sanjukta Basu, d/o of Mr. Sharma, that is myself.

 Mr. Sharma  Hence, I ask, how are you?Sent at 11:53 AM on Friday

Sanjukta  hi fine

Mr. Sharma  I have been concerned about your ill health which I was informed about by Dr. Sinha. This chat is also to bring to your kind attention that, your mother, my wife, Mrs Sharma would be requiring a new red saree for Durga Puja. Durga Puja, as you know is celebrated with a lot of fan fare in Delhi. Thus I ask, how can you help her?

Sanjukta  dad am ok.. dont worry bout my health.. i’ll get the saree for mom.. how is riya and jango? is he still peeing on the balcony wall? our neighbour didn’t bothr u for that?Sent at 11:59 AM on Friday

Mr. Sharma  I am greatly obliged for your consideration for buying red saree and am equally delighted to know that you are health wise fine. This gives me immence pleasure to inform you that both Riya Sharma and Jango Sharma are in best of their health and spirits. You will be happy to know that Jango Sharma, dog of Mr. Sharma and Family, does not urinate on the balcony there by recreating peace with the neighbours.  Also, .  I see your red button becoming green and then grey in the evening. Now I see you online. Please explain your balls. Thanking you once againWarm RegardsYour Dad, Mr. Sharma

Sanjukta  lol

Mr. Sharma  What is “lol” please explain this abbreviation

Sanjukta  dad, lol = Laugh out Loud

Mr. Sharma  Why are you laughing out loud? Lol to you also

Sanjukta  nothing just like that

Mr. Sharma  You have become very uncultured. All my training, and sheekha deekha, eke baare chule gelo. Ekhoni feer-e chole esho, hetai esho, jethai achho, okhan theketomare eto din dekhi nai, tomare dekhibaar ichhaSent at 12:08 PM on Friday

Mr. Sharma  tomaar bibah dibar shutre, onek patro dekhilam. Tomar, Jononi, oti beshi krodh korar korone tahar uchho rokto chaap, aar manoshik santulon ekebaare hariya felibar seemant-e achhe. Doya koriya, choliya asho. Kritharto thakibo.  

Caution Issued in Public Interest:- Mr. Sharma when angry loses his cool and changes the chat language to roman bangla but that too is one of a kind that I read in my text books in school.  

Disclaimer from Dr. Motion:- The future looks bright.  


9 thoughts on “Now I see you online.

  1. Hey, Bechare uncle ka mazaak mat udao yaar.. hmmm
    “Ms” Sanjukta “Basu” aur uske daddy ka naam “Sharma”.. aur woh bhi bengali.. Yeh kaisa maayajaal…

  2. @ Seema

    Mayajaal… LOL

    My favs “Mr. Sharma Why are you laughing out loud? Lol to you also”


    I see your red button becoming green and then grey in the evening. Now I see you online. Please explain your balls.

    Dad actually does that, he tells me my online status, what time i was green, what time I was orange…lol and if you wish him on his birthday he says, happy birthday in return 😛

  3. Now I see you online. Please explain your balls.

    My left leg is still paining… but I forgot and kicked the cubicle drawers…

    it is simply awesome…


  4. Amazing
    ill some how convince my dad to get online – i want to see how he chats.

    the best line from ure dad “Lol to you also”
    i would luv to meet him…off course not on the virtual world…:)

    and he is right “All my training, and sheekha deekha”….hehehehe

  5. You know I just read this again, after so many days and couldn’t stop laughing. Also made Riya and maa read it. Not sure if dad read it or not 😀

    LOL to you also 😀

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