Sanju and her so called “live in” relationship

Below is the excerpts of my reply to Sanju’s e mail that she had sent to all of us after having a chat conversation with her mom on having a Guy as a flat mate.

Yes its all about it, a “D” and a “P”. Dip the “D” and make “P” pregnant. 😛  even our emoticons, the smilyes that I am typing (:-D and :-P) consist of a “D” and a “P” what a realisation.

The whole world revolves around these 2 alphabets.  What other better use can a D and a P have in English language?

A for ass, B for boobs, C for cunt, D for u know it already, E for Erotica, F for (yes you know that as well) G for G Spot, H for Horny, I for Intestine where all the sperms travel after an anal sex thinking they are travelling “up above the world so high”, J for Jobs, (hand, blow etc) K for kinky, L for lust, M for masochism, N for narcissist, O for orgasm, P for (yeah u got it right too) Q for Queenie, R for ruptured vulva, S for SEX, T for the T of Copper, U for your ass, V for virgin, W for women, a lot of women, and some “wow” effect, X for the X factor and xtacy, Y for You fuck yourself (which basically means you have been dumped after a good fuck) and finally Z for those x and y chromosomes which failed to make a baby BOY or a baby Girl but made something else instead.

so you realise now, the whole world is about Sex which makes it D.P.S and no that’s is not Delhi Public School, that is Dick Pussy and Sex.

You can get the details of the conversation on her blog post

Here she is.


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