Musafir:- Travel Based Photo Exhibition

Musafir: The journey of a photographer

‘Musafir’ is a photographic odyssey of the mind, body and soul of four
wandering photographers, captured through their lenses.

From the dusty adventures of the deserts to the quiet evenings of the
orient, a varied canvas of discoveries of places, people and self is
documented in this journey.

‘Musafir’, a photography exhibition, is being organised at the
“Chitra Kala Parishath” in Bangalore on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of
November, 2007. The exhibition will be at hall No.4 and open everyday
from 10am to 7pm.

The photographers whose work can be seen in “Musafir” are as follows.

Vinayak Das

Self taught as a photographer, he  specializes in documentary and
people photography. An avid traveller, working with natural light and
subjects of social and cultural interest is his forte. He recently
held his first international solo exhibition in June this year at the
Faculdade De Belas Artes at Pontevedra in Spain.

His work can be seen at

Sunil Kumar

A self taught photographer,he is inspired by nature and captures
whatever captures him. His photography explores numerous interests
which include wildlife, landscapes, travel, portraiture and urban
decay. To continue to grow as an artist he experiments constantly with
new media, new tools and new ideas.

Debanjan Das Gupta

Debanjan started dabbling with the various aspects of photography a
few years back. Widely travelled, his creative self enjoys unravelling
the emotions embodied within simple compositions. His interests span
over a wide range of subjects including landscape, nature, history and
abstract elements.

Ashish Vanjari

A travel bug, taking pictures and capturing the moments on his
numerous travels have given him an opportunity to be acquainted with
many beautiful people, places and culture, which has helped him gain a
deeper understanding of this beautiful and diverse world. He loves
landscape photography in particular. Besides being a passionate
traveller and a photographer he works for an IT company in Bangalore.

For more information contact

Vinayak Das
Phone: +91 98451 96437



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