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Dr. Motion’s Theory on Feminism 2007

Coffee is a source of Mental Ejaculation. 

 All my thoughts are a result of Coffee intake and the eventual caffeine taking its toll on me. Why else would I come up with my yet another Theory, the theory of Dr. Motion on Feminism. 

As the famous English empathetic proverb goes, “Putting yourself in someone else’s shoe”, well, Dr. Motion has come out with her own version of it based on feminism. 

Woman to a man, “I put my foot in your shoes which mean I put my “whatever” in your condom but it does not fit in because it has “disappeared” inside.” 

Man to a woman, “I put my “whatever” in your bra but realize its hollow, but the support is great provided I put it at the right place.” 

Thus speak Dr. Motion again, “To understand a woman’s point of view, a man has to put it (the brains) at the right place.” And to understand a Man’s point of view, a woman simply has to assume that the man has “disappeared” or he simply does not exist.   

As simple as that.


Grass vs Flesh (In lay man’s language, “Veg vs Non-Veg”)

I love animals. I love live animals as much as I like dead animals. Dead cooked animals on my plate for dinner and a live animal which looks like a Dog to share the dead animal with me, is a perfect happy family picture to me. I have always supported non-vegetarianism and here’s the reason why:- If Eve was not a vegetarian and had not eaten that forbidden apple, the first sin of mankind would have never been committed. She should have ideally been a non-vegetarian and eaten the snake instead, to save me from the trouble of writing this post.

The End