I love animals. I love live animals as much as I like dead animals. Dead cooked animals on my plate for dinner and a live animal which looks like a Dog to share the dead animal with me, is a perfect happy family picture to me. I have always supported non-vegetarianism and here’s the reason why:- If Eve was not a vegetarian and had not eaten that forbidden apple, the first sin of mankind would have never been committed. She should have ideally been a non-vegetarian and eaten the snake instead, to save me from the trouble of writing this post.

The End


3 thoughts on “Grass vs Flesh (In lay man’s language, “Veg vs Non-Veg”)

  1. Am glad you support non-vegetarianism and not cannibalism. Imagine the plight of us men if Eve would’ve eaten Adam instead. You women would rule.

    It’s not like we’re ruling now anyhow, but, yeah, whatever.

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