Fresh Air

Before leaving for a very important assignment, she wanted to close all the open ends.

She was relocating, moving to a new place, she had to dump all her past, useless baggage in the gutter.  

She did exactly what she had thought. She e mailed her ex boyfriend to let him know that she was getting married and she expects good luck from him.  She e-mailed her another loser ex-boyfriend, how much thankful she is to him because it was because of him that she knew how ass holes were. She smsed “FYI” to the school friends who she was always fond of but who gradually stopped keeping in touch because of various obligations in life.    

She threw away the baggage, and felt light, all set, ready and hopeful for a new chapter of her life.

The bitterness was not completely gone but now she could taste the nectar too. 

A breath of fresh air and a surety which she never felt before. A mind so free of questions and doubts which surprised her.  

A hand extended which she is going to hold and run away to an open sunflower field, to a sea shore, to a rocking houseboat deck in the river, under an star spangled open sky, a light drizzle and the same extended hand to cover her head from getting wet. 

Dreams were coming true, in her mind as she closed the door while looking at the room one last time to check if she was leaving anything behind but realization struck soon. She had nothing to take from there, she smiled to her self as she looked up squinting at the sun  as if to thank someone then looked down as if trying hard to think something but she had nothing to think or worry about.  She closed the door, heard it make a click sound, put the lock and left for that extended hand  without leaving a trail to be followed back, in the December sun.


4 thoughts on “Fresh Air

  1. All the best for that journey… 🙂

    And yeah some buggers just happen to take the same damn roads…whenever you look outside your cars window you find them staring right at you… 😀 What’s best (For them) they occassionally jump into your car without even asking you 😛

    here’s one of those buggers…Love you and that hand.. ooi that sounds ahem.. 😀 😀

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